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    Bush on national TV AGAIN offering advice to Americans paying $3.00+ for Gasoline!

    Once again on national TV Bush offers advice and help to Americans that are now choosing between buying gasoline and eating: Bush offered basicly the same advice as he did a few weeks ago: Americans need to CONSERVE fuel! But added a twist to it by telling us HOW to conserve fuel: Americans...
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    Things ( I guess like checks to haliburton) will surely get moving quickly in Texas reguarding hurricane Rita now that Bush has HALIBURTON there! >>>>>>>>Question is WHAT ARE THEY DOING THERE???<<<<<<<< Will they take the place of our N Guards???:doh Will they take over the Govs job? Will...
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    Bush steps up to the plate on TV EARLY talking about Hurricane RITA!Thank you Mr Bush

    President Bush is stepping up EARLY and is on national TV telling the people in Texas to listen to their Govs advice and leave the areas that are expected to get hit by Rita! I applaud Bush for how he is handling Hurricane Rita and also how he handled the hurricanes in Florida!!!:applaud My...
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    GREEDY American Oil companys record "RECORD PROFITS!"

    On C-Span-2 today! American oil companys are having a ball taking advantage of the oil countrys high prices and taking advantage of the aftermats of Katrina! "Today alone" the American oil companys made $230 MILLION "ABOVE" the alwready record daily profit they are getting! -----------...
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    BUSH: You VETS, RETIRED, POOR and SICK people will have to pay for Katrinas damage!

    Bush said on national TV that it will cost $200 BILLION to rebuild New Orleans and that it will be paid for by ----->>>"CUTTING PROGRAMS!!!"<<<----- So BEWARE all you VETS, RETIRED, POOR and SICK people that are getting help from our Gov programs, YOU will now be getting a CUT in your programs...
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    Bush names Paulison as new head of FEMA!

    This guy does seem to have some good qualifications. Seems Bush finally made his first good appointment. Congradulations Bush! "UPDATE"!!! Guess I spoke to soon. I just found out that Paulison was the one that recommended that we use "DUCT TAPE and PLASTIC" to protect us from biological...
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    I wonder how many countrys are shaking in their boots today(911)?

    Worrying that if we have another 911 they will get invaded even if they had nothing to do with a 911.
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    Did anyone see Bushs latest "mission accomplished" in the papers today?

    Someone just called me and said he saw this in his local newspaper: "Bushs lastest mission accomplished">>>>> "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" GAS IN THE U.S.A. IS NOW AVERAGING $3.15 PER GALLON IN AMERICA." No wonder Bush was smiling yesterday in his latest "PHOTO-OPT" with 2 little black girls in...
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    Bush "advises" Americans to "conserve gasoline."

    In Bushs "week later" speech to the nation, Bush offers no hope for gasoline and home fuel prices being lowered. Bush just seemed to tell the people to conserve fuel. Well first off it was nice of you Mr Bush to take time off from your vacation (even though you waited 3 days to leave) to go back...
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