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    Possible splits in the Libertarian Party?

    I would agree that there are definitely different subsets of libertarians, but that's the case within every political party. We unite under common banner to increase political clout.
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    The PB Truth Movement

    [I hope] BP was an inside job!!! Everytime something terrible happens in this country it's obviously the fault of the higher-ups otherwise to whom would we give our misplaced blame? Obama is an advocate for alternative energy BP is a fuel (i.e. energy) company who might just have its assets...
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    Is slavery a matter of perspective?

    And there we go, the viewpoint that proves the case. Slavery is not a pinned down definition and even if it is, the terms in the definition are up to debate. What does "against one's will" mean? What does "will" mean?
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    Is slavery a matter of perspective?

    Even if you did pull up a dictionary definition, that wouldn't matter because unlike laws of physics- dictionaries are culturally defined. You defeat your own argument by using a non-objective source to support it! That article is opinion about a particular concept.
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    Obama bemoans 'diversions' of IPod, Xbox era

    The president can go about whining as much as he wants about the oversaturation of technology/information/ideas, but as soon as he attempts to stop access to these things- that's when the feces hits the AC. It's true that there's a whole heck of a lot of ideas out there which is why SEO and the...
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    "Potential" human being?

    I believe what they really mean is a potential moral agent, but I could be wrong. Obviously a fetus is a human but only in the same way that an egg is a chicken
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    Basic Questions for Evolutionists

    Ah yes, I see the sticking point, I was referring to existence inside the scope of our universe (before said universe's creation) as being theorized to contain nothing, as it was a "container" incapable of "holding" anything as the OP described
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    Basic Questions for Evolutionists

    I actually don't know, I just assumed since you and Cephus always talk about it. I think it's called M-theory or something like that But besides that, it's just an offshoot of the Big Bang theory which says that nothing existed before the big bang "inside" the "context" of "existence"
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    Basic Questions for Evolutionists

    I don't claim to have all of the answers to these questions, but I think I can clarify some of them for you 1. Survival of the fittest only applies to situations in which genetic variability can occur. Sex is the most practical way for complex organisms to have genetic variability as yet...
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    Big Chart Comparing Religions

    I would argue that Confucianism especially during the Han Dynasty produced an even more flourishing economy and emphasized even more beneficial sociological ties. I would also argue that Islam (an abrahamic religion) does not emphasize beneficial sociological ties If you are talking about...
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    Big Chart Comparing Religions

    @Jerry; This is just the religious version of "Might Makes Right"; If such a time were to come about that Eastern religious world did overtake the Abrahamic religious world in all aspects, would that automatically make them right? If a new religion were formed that quickly spread and everyone...
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    Excellent, excellent video. I have been through very similar circumstances, myself. The three things I disagree with though are 1- He took the "right" horn of the Euthyphro dilemma by saying that morality is independent from God, whereas I believe that morality is dependent on God's...
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    what do you mean, windy? What about Buddhism?
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    Big Chart Comparing Religions

    I don't know what I believe to be true any more than anyone else. I have strong evidence for believing in spirituality in general and personal reasons for what shape those beliefs take
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    How do citizens who cannot afford Health Care obtain treatment?

    -Because doctors and other medical practitioners spend tens of thousands of dollars to go to medical school and get their license and they also have families to feed. -Because much of the time, health problems are due to personal choices more than bad luck. Your friend with the kidney stones...
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    How do citizens who cannot afford Health Care obtain treatment?

    Assuming a positive right because it necessarily follows in preserving another right is preposterous. To assume that means that you are morally obligated to sell all of your worldly possessions in order to help those that are starving to death. Furthermore, you are asserting that the right to...
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    The Minimum Wage

    Woah woah woah, Let's be clear. I want the min wage gone at least for the time being and I am by no stretch of the imagination a business owner. I just want to be able to sell my time for less than someone with more experience so that I can build a job résumé and escape the need a job to get...
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    How do citizens who cannot afford Health Care obtain treatment?

    What then, in your opinion, is on the table?
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    Obama campaign arm focuses on talk radio

    Okay, that was really more of an emotional response. Each side believes their position to be supported with facts and the other side only speculation. I'm not an expert by any means on the issue, but I just know from listening to talk radio which offers a permanent "challenge this" stance that...
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    "Ought not murder an innocent person"

    Oh, yes. I get what you mean now and did at the time, but I just don't see how that supports your previous argument that there is a problem with saying that there is objective proof Restate for me your position.
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