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  1. stsburns

    Stay at home dads.

    To OP: This is nothing more than a product of feminism movement. Men have become so passive that they don't defend their women anymore, some feel the need to standout like girls, I know many cave to whatever manipulative command his girl says, some have become so spineless that they let their...
  2. stsburns

    Could you pass as the opposite gender?

    I'm always offended when someone refers me as girl. I like to grow my hair out sometimes, including facial. One guy at a hardware store confused me as a girl, then quickly apologized and said that the same happened to him a few times. It was a sobering moment for the both of us.
  3. stsburns


    I was appalled that I posted this story on my FB and got absolutely no response. I have a deserve group of friends, and not even the girls were offended? What ever happened to dignity and self respect? Then again, I know a few girls that would be your whatever if you have the money. I've had my...
  4. stsburns

    If a teen boy gets his girlfriend pregnant, should he offer to marry her?

    This is still practiced in the deep south. We still call them "Shotgun Weddings." Around here more up north, I call them "Party Marriages." Meet a girl at a party, get her pregnant, your married. It seems to be a right of passage for at least some.
  5. stsburns

    Is Santorum too extreme?

    I think he is too Liberal for Republicans to take him seriously. It's great though, Romney finally got what was coming for him. He's just plain fake.
  6. stsburns

    How generous are you? (Part I)

    In my family, I was always taught it I had more than I needed, I should help someone else. I generally give about 10%-15%.
  7. stsburns

    Single on Valentine's Day this year? Post here!

    Nearly got a girlfriend 2-weeks ago. She thought she was better than me, so I let her be better without me! :) Now she tries to make me jealous and stalks me. Oh yea, and here's the kicker. Since she can't have me, she doesn't want anyone else to have me neither. As Kid Kudi would say: I have 99...
  8. stsburns

    This is me - is it you?

    Yea, I actually had an ex-girlfriend get off to my nerdyness. She loved it when I spoke confidently about something, it didn't matter what. Too bad she was dumb, and wasn't sure of who she was. Intelligence is hot in my book all day long. Many girls I talk to are too scared to show how smart...
  9. stsburns

    Favorite Strategy Games

    Total War Series, more towards Medevall II series. I like that age of war. Ceasar III
  10. stsburns

    Favorite philosopher?

    Shakespeare, John Milton, Sun Tzu, Napoleon Bonaparte...Mostly writers and Generals.
  11. stsburns

    Is war becoming an acceptable policy in america?

    to OP: as one of my other nerdy friends would say: "Were American's, we love war, cause were good at it!"
  12. stsburns

    Men are falling behind in our society.

    to OP: I would have to agree with you a little on this. Why as a society would we use men as nothing more for reproduction or to keep a women company. I mean the Amazon's FAILED for a reason. Women lack the self discipline that men have to get things done, no matter how gross, how...
  13. stsburns

    Anonymous vs. vigilantism

    What Anonymous released was justified. They proved that people were innocently slain and that the General only got away with only a "pay cut." Though I do not understand though why they harass the government, that is just stupid on their part.
  14. stsburns

    Are nuclear weapons a deterrent?

    All I have to say is this. An empty gun, never shoots.
  15. stsburns

    Freeing Workers from Union Bosses

    I really don't see the difference between "Unions" and "Large Corporations." I mean Unions just take money these days.
  16. stsburns

    Freddie Mac. Betting against home owners.

    It's all about money! They knew long before hand that the housing bubble was going to burst. They even tried to pop it a few times. But too many other 'financial' reasons that kept it going. Of course their going to bet against their own customers, too much money to be made! Especially since...
  17. stsburns

    Why are men so creepy when trying to meet women?

    Using an experiment on the internet was not the best idea. I would recommend trying it on people you don't know, in a place you don't plan to go for a while. Also I think women don't know how hard it is for most men to ask out a woman. Even if you do, women are either embarrassed, or play the...
  18. stsburns

    Welcome home parade for iraq war vets.

    If you have ever met an Iraq War vets (friends with many). They just want to know that they didn't fight for nothing. That is the reason many go or sometimes the extra "combat pay." I think a war veteran every time I see one. I say: "Thank You." "You know you didn't have to go." "But thanks!"...
  19. stsburns

    your Fashion styles

    Anything from Old Navy and wearing stiles that are no longer relevant. Any other time I wear collard polo's with jeans.
  20. stsburns

    Tell us about your first computer.

    Gateway 2000. Got a freebee monitor, which didn't work right. Pentium 75 Mhz Processor. Had 32MB RAM. 900MB Hard Drive. 2MB Video Card PCI. Creative Sound Blaster ISA (costed extra). Ran Windows 95. I received this computer about the time Pentium 4 processor where new. I could install: "MS...
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