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    The PB Truth Movement

    [I hope] BP was an inside job!!! Everytime something terrible happens in this country it's obviously the fault of the higher-ups otherwise to whom would we give our misplaced blame? Obama is an advocate for alternative energy BP is a fuel (i.e. energy) company who might just have its assets...
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    "Ought not murder an innocent person"

    Everyone agrees that we "Ought not murder an innocent person" but personal interpretation of innocence and murder and person are all contested. So what makes you believe that (elective) abortion is murder, zygotes are innocent and that they are people? Contrariwise, what makes you believe that...
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    The Minimum Wage

    As an unemployed (seeking employment) college student, I was thinking that it would be a rather swell Idea to abolish the minimum wage allowing businesses to pay whatever they wanted to people forcing more competition and allowing more jobs to open up along with other employers being able to...
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    Obama's Promises

    Has anyone else seen this site? It's a really nice graphical representation of president Obama's campaign promises (made/broken/in the works) I expect, however, that the number will drop dramatically and they don't take into account the brevity of some of the promises as compared to the others...
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    Feminism: What's the deal?

    So a lot of the time, I think I am a feminist, but then some feminist will say something like "women would be better off and happier without men controlling their lives" and I take so many disagreements to that that I'm not sure anymore First of all, plenty of women control my life. Teachers...
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    Ethics Q2: The Evil World

    I liked my baby & boticelli post even if no one else did, so I thought I'd start another ethical dilemma post You are a deity and are given the option of creating two worlds: (1) This world has absolutely no sentient life in it whatsoever. Maybe some plants or something, but nothing that can...
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    Ethics Q: The Baby or the Botticelli

    Classic ethics question, but wondering the DP reaction
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    We should steal saturn's rings

    I found this video thanks to stumbleupon... I think we need to unify all of our current space exploration funds across all nations into stealing saturn's rings YouTube- What Earth Would Look Like With Rings Like Saturn
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    Why can't I eat a fetus?

    I've asked this several times and never gotten a response. If fetuses/embryos are undeserving of the same rights and protections as people then why can I not eat one? Is it just because of social taboo (like dogs) or is there a deeper moral horror in such an act? If it is just a taboo, why are...
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    Branch Thread: Consciousness

    I had this idea in a different thread and thought it would be interesting enough to pursue in and of itself think about a machine that we create to simulate consciousness. We KNOW is only using electrical signals to do so because we created it. Would it realize that and claim that its thoughts...
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    How Can you not believe in the Metaphysical?

    Apart from people who just don't know or aren't fully convinced either way, I don't understand how someone can not believe in at least a higher power/order. The basic question being if you just ask "How?" over and over you eventually come to a cause for which you cannot find an effect...
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    Legal Question RE: Abortion

    Just curious about what laws would fit into the following scenario A woman, who is pregnant, is murdered. Can her killer be tried for two counts of homicide? Or just one? Do the trimesters of development play into this at all?
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    Turkey and the EU

    Hopefully this hasn't been beat to death. From what I understand, Turkey is not allowed entree into the EU because people don't think they would "fit". Whether that is economically speaking, ideologically speaking or whatever. What I want to know is if it is largely semantic. Anyone who has a...
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