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    Congratulations StL!

    Only 3 things sure in 2006...death, taxes and my wonderful StL Cardinals! Hey, 26X's...maybe I should change my name to 10X's? I'll be partying in downtown StL on Sunday to watch the parade...looks to be a beautiful sunny day with a high of about 70!! YEEHAW!!!!
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    Go StL!!!!

    Don't you wish you had a team like the Cardinals? LOL One Detroit sportswriter picked the Tigers to win the World Series in 3!!?? What an arse...I guess last nights game shut him up a bit? On another note...for those of you who watched the W.S. last night (and saw my Cardinals...
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    War with Iran

    So now, the USS Einsenhower is traveling to the Iran area..I pray it's going there just to support the Iraq mission, and not for an October surprise from Bush to start a war with Iran. Gulf of Tonkin sound familiar? God save us from these war hungry imbecilic republicans!
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    Put a yellow sticker on your SUV!!!!!

    Watch this video and learn! LOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmsOIjzQ1V8
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    Stupid jokes

    I'm starting this thread because I usually hear at least one stupid joke a week. Please accept my apologies for the following joke, as I do not condone this type of behavior... What do you say to a woman with two black eyes? Answer: Nothing, you already told her twice.
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    Warning...slightly off color joke

    I'm bored...I broke my toe, and I'm off work for a while, so here's a stupid joke I heard recently.... A mother is shopping for a birthday gift for her son in a sporting goods store, and while she's browsing, she can't help but notice that the store clerk, working the cash register...
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    Senate vote on Social Security to Illegals

    What is going on with our elected representatives? I'm with the republicans on this one...44 Repubs and only 4 Dems voted to block the passage of paying Social Security benefits to people who crossed our border illegally...forged, stolen documents...falsified papers, working illegally in...
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    Music Perception Test

    Here's a test I thought might be of interest to the musicians and music lovers in these forums. It tests your ability to percieve differences in similiar stanzas of music. I'll be honest and tell you I got a 27 on the first round of the test, but don't feel you have to post your results...just...
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    Talking with a secretary

    One day I found myself having to obtain the signature of a secretary in a business office. She hemed and hawed and wasn't sure about whether she should sign the paperwork...she would not make up her mind! As I was pushed for time that day, I gently said she didn't have to decide...
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    I'd give my right arm...

    ...to be ambidextrous.
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    Hu's in China?

    Dumb, I know, but I still thought it was funny...and it's eerie how much it sounds like Bush! Hu's in China George: Condi! Nice to see you. What's happening? Condi: Sir, I have the report here about the new leader of China. George: Great. Lay it on me. Condi: Hu is the new...
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    Top 10 Fav CD's/albums of all time

    Since everyone is listing their fav movies, I thought it might be interesting to read what some of your fav cd's are through the years? My list could change from one moment to the next, as it's impossible to remember everything, but I'm not looking so much for cd's that are considered...
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    Bush and Preemptive Policy

    Well, this is getting a lot of news today... Basically, Bush's policy of preemption is to attack terrorists, nations..etc before they attack the U.S. Personally, I feel this is flawed policy and has done nothing but get the United States into trouble, but I'd appreciate reading other...
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    Monitors and dismissal

    For those of you who do not know, the "monitors" have taken it upon themselves to suspend one of our members for one week. I don't care whether this person leaned right or left, but personally, I found nothing that was typed to warrant dismissal by this self-appointed group of monitors...
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    Fav Christmas music?

    Well, it's getting to be time to dust off that 'ol Christmas music. Just wondering if any of you have favorite cd's that are good this time of year? I heartily recommend... The Ventures Xmas Album...and, A Chicago Xmas ( the band Chicago) I've got some nice...
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    Solution to Iraq

    I don't consider myself a liberal. When I took that political bias test (that was posted in these forums) I came out leaning only slightly to the left. However I consider myself far left of the Bushies. Conservatives, and especially those in these forums, love to say that the liberals...
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    Leave Afghanistan?

    About one hour ago, the President of Afghanistan, Karzai (sp?) announced that foreign military intervention in his country is no longer needed. I don't have the whole story yet, but it sounds like Karzai is asking the United States to leave Afghanistan? If this is true, I believe the U.S...
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    SouthWest Air Sued

    I'd like to share a story that I heard on local talk radio...the host presented the item, so I'm assuming it's a true story...if so, it makes me sick. A stewardess ( I know they aren't called that anymore, but I've forgotten the correct term) on South West Airlines knew the plane was about...
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    Another short test for smart people

    This is a math test....arrgh...no, it's not that bad....it's easy...simply add each number up with the previous total and say the new number out loud. TO BEGIN: Scroll down until you see a number...say this number out loud! This is important! Then scroll down until you see the next...
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    Hello! Anyone home?

    Abortion is not going away. Got that? Let me say it again...abortion is not going away! We had numerous abortions in this country well before Roe V Wade, well before abortion was made legal. If Roe V Wade is overturned, think that will end it all? If you answer yes, then...
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