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  1. CoffeeSaint

    Which Choice is Best for the Children?

    If you discovered after having children that your spouse was not, in your estimation, a good parent, would you divorce him or her? (Assume that you could not have known in advance that your spouse would turn out this way.) If there are certain circumstances that would induce you to seek a...
  2. CoffeeSaint

    Ramifications of Fetal Personhood

    What would happen if an unborn fetus (and please, let's try to avoid the usual semantic argument over the proper term for the child/ZEF/whatever) was recognized as a legal person, with full rights and protections under our laws? Obviously, abortion would become illegal as it would be the...
  3. CoffeeSaint

    Is pregnancy a conscious choice?

    Starting a new thread to avoid further derailment of Doesn't It All Come Down To . . . Is pregnancy a direct result of sex? Is the conscious choice to have sex equivalent to the conscious choice to be pregnant? Can pregnancy therefore be seen as the result of a conscious choice, and the...
  4. CoffeeSaint

    How Do You Tell What's Wrong With Schools?

    After much debate over what exactly is wrong with public schools, and even more debate on how we should go about fixing them, I think we should take a step back and examine our assumptions. So: how do you tell what's wrong with public schools? How do you know that a student is not learning...
  5. CoffeeSaint

    Should Stem Cell Research Be Pursued?

    Researchers say that they have found a way to produce stem-cell lines without destroying human embryos. http://msnbc.msn.com/id/14483409/site/newsweek/ Note that this says the embryo can survive in most cases. But the question remains: should stem cell research be pursued? As a secondary...
  6. CoffeeSaint

    Are Sports Necessary in School?

    As a high school teacher, and the instructor for a core subject (Language Arts/Speech), my belief is that the priority of public schools should be academic achievement; I believe we do a reasonable job of teaching students the basic skills, but a terrible job of teaching higher level cognitive...
  7. CoffeeSaint

    Two Opinions Enter, Ten Opinions Leave

    I am still fairly new to the whole online debate forum situation; I am hopeful that this forum is the right place for me. Allow me to quote from my personal Bible (That would be the Simpsons) to reveal my debate philosophy: Adil "The Sparrow": How can you defend a country where 5% of the...
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