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  1. democrat17

    Should we give gays full rights.

    i think we should, it is very important that all people should be able to be free. What do think?
  2. democrat17

    Patriot Act

    What do you think of this abomination to our society? It is the exact opposite of the Constitution and needs to be repealed.
  3. democrat17

    What is your take on gays?

    I am gay so I am a little biased when I say that there is nothing wrong with us. The Bible says it is wrong but really, who cares, the Bible is just a bunch of stories written by people. What is your opinion, This should be good.
  4. democrat17

    future teachers

    i plan to go to college for secondary education and history, but underfunding in schools is making me really mad. why do they have to cut the budgets of the education system when so many other programs could use the cut in budgets. this makes no sence, when you lose teachers it affects the...
  5. democrat17

    Racism, is it still a big problem?

    lately i have noticed that the people of today are just as racist as the people of 50 years ago, if not more. some people just like to say the names but a lot of people are just plain racist. What do you think?
  6. democrat17

    Marching Band

    marching band needs to die and burn. I hate it, i wish that our director would lighten up and give us all a break. he is like a drill sergeant, man, he is so annoying. no one likes him. tell me what you think.:2wave:
  7. democrat17

    new person in the room

    i just joined up but love this forum. can't get enough of politics. welcome to any new people also:mrgreen:
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