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  1. soot

    I Discriminate

    I don't know how "philosophical" this is... As much as anything I guess, or at least this is, in my opinion, the best sub-forum for it. Anyhow, I just read it and I thought, "Yeah, that makes a heck of a lot of sense". I certainly think that there are grounds upon which it is asinine to...
  2. soot

    You know what time it is?

    It's time to grab America by the *****! Choo choo.
  3. soot

    Trump will win the election and is more popular than Obama in 2008, AI system finds

    I'm sorry if this is a double post but I wasn't able to find it elsewhere so I'm assuming it's unique to the topic. I thought it was pretty interesting. Despite numerous poll results to the contrary this research (I guess it would be) seems to bear out what I'm seeing in "real life"...
  4. soot

    Guilty Culinary Pleasures

    So... I've been pretty blessed in life and today I work from home and could easily afford to take a two hour lunch, swing in to Dallas, and meet my wife at Cafe Pacific or the Cap Grille, and eat like a king. But two things: 1. Life hasn't always been this way. 2. I'm not leaving home for...
  5. soot

    In Iraq, I raided insurgents. In Virginia, the police raided me.

    I thought this article was a great example of half of what's wrong with American law enforcement today (the other half being the innumerable cops who outright break the law, violate civil rights, and ignore departmental standards and procedures because they don't carry the force of law thus only...
  6. soot

    New Video Shows BART Cop Breaking a Drunk Woman's Face in Police Lobby

    New Video Shows BART Cop Breaking a Drunk Woman's Face in Police Lobby Fast forward to about 1:22 in the video. Another cop that needs to find a new line of work, after facing charges for assault.
  7. soot

    Iraq Oil-for-Food Program Funded al Qaeda

    In another thread (dealing with the current situation in Iraq) Travis007 made the following, in my opinion completely asinine, comment: I responded to a different comment he made about Saddam Hussein funding terror (through use of ill-gotten oil-for-food proceeds) by rolling my eyes and...
  8. soot

    WWII Marine charged with murder for executing Japanese Enemy Prisoner of War in 1943

    I was just reading the poll discussion related to three German concentration camp guards recently having been arrested and charged (for some crime) for their actions during WWII. That got me thinking: I've read numerous accounts written by WWII Marines and Soldiers wherein they discuss having...
  9. soot

    Bible-burning Egyptian cleric jailed for 11 years

    I found this interesting/encouraging when I heard it on the news this morning. May be apropos of nothing, and I'm sure we can all find creative ways to shout it down or dismiss it, but with all the Islam bashing/"The Muslim Brotherhood Now Owns Egypy" nonsense that populates the discussion...
  10. soot


    Hi all. My name is Dan. I'm a new member here and a refugee from a "competing" political discussion forum where I'd been a member for the past several years. Nothing dramatic or juicy to report in regard to my defection, I just felt that the community was on a downward trajectory and that it...
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