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  1. Kpuppy0001

    CBS Poll: 8-in-10 Americans Support Reducing Immigration, Stricter Vetting

    This is well known, but will the POTUS and his open borders buddies listen or care? https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2022/04/11/cbs-poll-8-in-10-americans-support-reducing-immigration-stricter-vetting/
  2. Kpuppy0001

    Poll: 75% of Americans Believe Defunding Police Has Contributed to Rising Violent Crime

    Source is a poll from politico I find no surprises here/ https://www.breitbart.com/crime/2022/02/09/poll-seventy-five-percent-of-americans-believe-defunding-police-has-contributed-to-rising-violent-crime/
  3. Kpuppy0001

    Why the Dem Bills aren't Passing

    this is why the DEM sponsored Bills are failing they keep trying to play the old game and it's not working anymore. "House Democrats on Tuesday tucked an amendment into a bill aimed at helping American businesses compete with China that would bolster unionization efforts at manufacturers that...
  4. Kpuppy0001

    Republicans Overtook Democrats In 2021 As Share Of Americans Identifying With GOP Shot Up

    I'm generally not one to take polls at face value, but if this is true i'd like to explore the causation. According to Gallup party affiliation has shifted from 49% Dem / 40% GOP at the beginning of the year to 47% GOP / 42% Dem. Is this Dems switching party alliance?; is it a surge of younger...
  5. Kpuppy0001

    There are no Adults left in the Room

    Read and be dismayed, and yet they want more and more of our Tax Dollars. There are no adults left in the room https://www.cagw.org/reporting/pig-book
  6. Kpuppy0001

    Glad there are some who hold to right practices

    It's good to know that Elizabeth MacDonough has the integrity to hold to right practices, even though the left constantly tries to slip things in that they can't get through in its own legislative merit. This has nothing to do with the legislation at hand it's just another attempt to game the...
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