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    Federal Air Marshal fires weapon on a plane

    The security was probably aiming to incapacitate him or something along the lines. I've never heard of a cop actually firing a deadly blow when they intended to.... [joke over] I feel sorry for the guy but really his death could be used to show how security is working now. It might give...
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    Do you think gays should be allowed to marry?

    I voted yes but really I don't think the government should be allowed to decide who can marry. The matter should be left up to the churches. The government can and should recognize civil union, but on the matter of marriage churches should have the only say. Marriage is strictly a religious...
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    How to Save the United States from Bush and Cheney

    :roll: I seriously cannot tell if you're being a fakeboy or are just really stupid. Bush does have plenty of problems which he needs to work on but in truth the United States needs to be saved from people like yourself who let their own bias cloud their judgement to an almost idiotic level.
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    A List of the Many Political Parties

    Oh well. I read through all of those and I still could not find a party which represents my ideals....:doh
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    What happened to "Christmas"

    Chistmas often has many secular aspects to it anyway. Also just look anywhere during the season and you'll see how obvious it is that Christmas is upon us. Really there is no point in fighting it, especially when there are actual important matters at hand. Besides, who doesn't like getting...
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    What About Alaska

    Alaska is cool, and there are so many other states that should be sold first.
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    What would happen if.....?

    It would get really cold.....put on a jacket.
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