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    Why can some schools get away with this sort of thing?

    Kneel for principal policy abandoned at Calimesa Elementary School This is one of those to stupid to make up stories, and I'm glad it got stopped, but how did a school get away with this level of derp :screwy in the first place?
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    What Makes a Crime A National News Story?

    I was looking around at verious websites when it hit me that there are alot of references to GZ vs TM. It struck me that this was just one crime and it seems every couple of months a new story comes out that a crime happened somewhere and most are just fall into "thats sad but oh well" and...
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    What is the Point of School?

    What is the point of school? I'm looking the reason we send "children" to schools at all. Is it to give a basic understanding of life and the world around us? Social indoctranation? Prepare the child for work in the 'Real World'? Just giving usefull information? Or just a goverment...
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    Is a law that's not enforced still the law?

    I was looking at list of older "stupid" laws (sodomy, enforcement of church attandance, etc) that are still on the books but are never enforced. And was woundering if State/Local/Federal Goverments are createing books worth of new laws every year are all the laws equal? Should we still be held...
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