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  1. JustineCredible

    Why can't some men seem to notice, they're aging nowhere near as well as they think..

    Maybe it's me, maybe it's my lack of understanding of the male mind, but I've run across this a few times with male friends. They don't realize they're aging, or if they do, they think they're doing it a lot better than they are. Currently I have a dear old friend living with my partner and I...
  2. JustineCredible

    Google to pay gay employees more than straight employees?

    Yeah, sounds discriminatory...until you read why. (I'll admit, it's a terrible headline, but I didn't come up with it...so don't blame me) Google to pay gay employees more than straight employees (ChicagoPride.com : Mountain View, CA News)
  3. JustineCredible

    Indignity of DOMA

    A story that illustrates why Marriage Equality is so important, now more than ever! Sonoma County CA separates elderly gay couple and sells all of their worldly possessions | The Bilerico Project
  4. JustineCredible

    Buffalo Lesbian Marries complete stranger to prove a point~!

    BUFFALO, N.Y. - Even though a bill to legalize same-sex marriage was overwhelmingly defeated by the New York State Senate in early December by a vote of 38 to 24, gay marriage advocates continue their fight to marry. In a symbolic measure, a same-sex couple applied for a marriage license at...
  5. JustineCredible

    Chicago Free Press runs opinion editorial by Louis Weisberg

    There's a new foe in town and it has the same ol' ugly head. Say: "I don't" It's time to stop the tidal wave of unfair and hypocritical marriage laws!
  6. JustineCredible

    What kind of "Flame Warrior" are you?

    Flame Warrior's Home I know I tend to be a mix between Toxic Granny and Pinko, but I am no Michael Moore fan nor have I ever been accused of being an Envirowarrior either. I'm not quite old enough to be a complete Toxic Granny, although with the median age here, I guess it would be fitting.
  7. JustineCredible

    O' Canada!

    Canada Lawmakers Approve Gay Marriage Bill By BETH DUFF-BROWN Associated Press Writer June 29, 2005, 7:07 AM CDT TORONTO -- Canada would become only the third country in the world to legalize gay marriage under landmark legislation passed in the House of Commons in spite of fierce opposition...
  8. JustineCredible

    16yr old Gay teen, sent to Heterosexual boot camp!

    Zack, a sixteen year old Tennessee boy was sent by his parents to a heterosexual boot camp called: "Love in Action." This group is just another attempt to use religiously motivated hate in order to force teens to behave as though they are straight. This an many other articles relating to...
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