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  1. Guy Incognito

    Unregulated Immigration: the Libertarian Way

    It is clear that opposition to free immigration is both irrational and contrary to libertarian moral philosophy. Freedom of movement is a cornerstone of libertarian thought. No restrictions should be placed on immigration as a moral matter; where people choose to live is not the government's...
  2. Guy Incognito

    GMOs and the Outright Idiocy of the "Right to Know" Movement

    Yeah, so not only are the anti-GMO people idiots for opposing genetically modified foods, they are falling prey to the kind of deceptive corporate profiteering they purport to abhor. How ironic.
  3. Guy Incognito

    GMO Denialism, worst kind of science denial

    You've all heard the appallingly unscientific bias against GMOs in the media. The ignorance is stunning, and supposedly objective media outlets are routinely permitting anti-GMO nonsense to go unchallenged despite the scientific consensus that GMOs are perfectly safe. opposition to GMOs is...
  4. Guy Incognito

    The facts about the second amendment and gun rights[W:80, 194]

    As a libertarian, I am a staunch supporter of the right to own property, including guns, without government regulation. I also don't particularly care for guns, which permits me to view the gun issue with objectivity. So many gun rights supporters are gun owners who have a highly emotionally...
  5. Guy Incognito

    Why are so many libertarians hedonists and libertines?

    It disgusts me. Libertarians would legalize all drugs, but that doesn't mean we should actually use them. Libertarians would legalize prostitution but that doesn't mean we should actually partake of prostitutes. I can understand why hedonists and libertines would be attracted to...
  6. Guy Incognito

    There is no right to privacy

    There is no right to privacy. All rights arise out of bodily sovereignty, including the right to own property. The right to own property is how privacy arises, the right to own property means that the government or a third party cannot search or seize your property without a warrant. This is...
  7. Guy Incognito

    Imagine You Are John Jay (State Gun Confiscation in 1790)

    Here is a hypothetical to test your understanding of the original intent of the second amendment. Imagine it is 1790, and you are John Jay. There is a case before the Supreme Court on a law in State X, duly enacted by the legislature of State D, which confiscates all guns. The Supreme Court...
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