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  1. CanadaJohn

    Obama endorses Trudeau reelection in Tweet - hypocrisy of leftists knows no bounds

    Funny how American leftists have wasted tens if not hundreds of $millions investigating how "foreign" entities, particularly the Russians, may have stolen the 2016 election from their precious Hillary and using it to delegitimize the Presidency of Donald Trump, their first claim in their...
  2. CanadaJohn


    Might just be me, but Likes seem to be acting up this afternoon. I can like a post, and it tallies on the poster's likes total, but it doesn't recognize, on the post, that I've liked it.
  3. CanadaJohn

    Is Donald Trump the most successful/accomplished first term President in decades?

    I'm no fan of President Trump's style/persona and certainly wasn't supportive of him for the Republican nomination, but let's look at the record, objectively, ignoring the media generated background noise and his insatiable need to react to it and see what he's done in his first 17 months in...
  4. CanadaJohn

    Mike Ilitch RIP

    Sad to see the passing of a great man in the sports world. Mike Ilitch was the type of owner that sports fans around the world would die to have own their favourite team(s). As owner of the Red Wings and Tigers in Detroit, he put a lot of time and effort into making those two franchises always...
  5. CanadaJohn

    One Month Left in Office, and President Obama goes on a 2 week vacation in Hawaii

    How arrogant, elitist, self-absorbed and disrespectful of the American taxpayer do you have to be to take a two week golfing vacation in Hawaii on the taxpayers' dime when you only have about five more weeks in office? Couldn't wait until January 21st to travel to Hawaii at your own expense...
  6. CanadaJohn

    What kind of Ex-President with President Obama become?

    When President Obama leaves office next year, how will he conduct himself vis-à-vis the next and future Presidents? Edit: My attempts to create this as a poll failed and it timed me out before I could complete it. The options were to be: 1. He'll be just like President Carter, a critic and...
  7. CanadaJohn

    Andalublue's "colour"

    Not a major issue - just a matter of curiousity. I noticed that new Moderator Andalublue's user name is highlighted in orange and yet there is no reference in the colour coding for Moderator ideology/political lean for orange. Does anyone know what orange is meant to signify, politically?
  8. CanadaJohn

    US Looks Really Screwed up from the Outside Looking in

    Just looking at the political climate in the US these days, people like me on the outside are wondering what the hell's in the water there and when is the insanity going to stop? Some issues of note: 1. Two Presidential candidates that everyone seems to pretty much hate and nobody wants as...
  9. CanadaJohn

    NHL - 2016/2017 Season [W:290]

    Time to start a new thread for the upcoming NHL season. Draft coming up in a few days with the Leafs picking 1st along with 10 other picks in other rounds. Leafs traded a couple of their picks - 30th, first round, from Pittsburgh and a second rounder from San Jose - to acquire rights to...
  10. CanadaJohn

    NHL Great Gordie Howe passes away - RIP

    A second "Greatest" has passed away this week, with word coming out that Gordie Howe, Detroit Red Wing great, NHL great, has also passed away. RIP Wishing his family and close friends peace and comfort.
  11. CanadaJohn

    DP Trolls - What do you think drives them to be such assholes?

    No names or member IDs allowed, but just a general discussion on what you think makes DP's trolls tick. Are you blessed/cursed with a DP troll, one or more, who likes to follow you around and post inane, baiting comments in response to your thread posts in a pathetic desire to bait you into a...
  12. CanadaJohn

    Jeb Bush Deserves a Second Look

    No commentary, and I'll resist contributing to this thread, I simply wanted to post this article that speaks to Jeb Bush's leadership as Governor of Florida and his qualifications for the Presidency. I encourage you to give it a read. Take care and have a good day. Jeb Bush Deserves a Second Look
  13. CanadaJohn

    Jeb Bush Rises to Second Place in New Hampshire Poll

    It's a small, local NH poll but it's the kind of poll I've been touting for some time as being more indicative of what is happening in various States as opposed to what the National polls by large polling companies show. Jeb Bush Rises To Second Place In New Hampshire Poll Trump - 35% Bush -...
  14. CanadaJohn

    Endangered Polar Bears

    Just to add a little good news and a little break from the arguments, I thought it would be nice to post a beautiful picture of how at least one polar bear is enjoying a bit of climate change. Enjoy!!
  15. CanadaJohn

    Obama continues his vacation in Hawaii while Missouri drowns in flood waters

    I'm curious. Where's the media outcry and criticism of President Obama continuing his vacation in Hawaii while dozens of people have died in storms this past week and thousands of people have been evacuated and dozens have lost their lives in floodwaters in Missouri? Missouri news: Deadly...
  16. CanadaJohn

    Streets Shut as Toronto Trump Tower Antenna Wobbly

    A fitting metaphor for The Donald's presidential nomination campaign. High up top, but unstable and wobbly, will it stay anchored, baby, or will it topple spectacularly and shatter for all to see? Streets shut as Toronto Trump tower antenna wobbly
  17. CanadaJohn

    NHL 2015-2016 Season

    Time to start a new thread for the upcoming NHL season. Good luck to everyone who has a team to root for. Here in Toronto, we've decided not to have a team at the NHL level this year so I won't be posting too much. But at least the Helen Keller of hockey executives has now hired enough front...
  18. CanadaJohn

    Thanks - New Like Button

    Right before my very eyes, a few minutes ago, the Like Button turned into a black blob that could actually be seen with the naked eye instead of a faint yellow haze. This old guy thanks you for the change!!
  19. CanadaJohn

    Posting Threads in the new 2016 Elections forum

    I went to this new forum this morning and since there are no threads there, I thought I would inaugurate the forum by posting one. However, there doesn't seem to be a facility for doing so. Am I missing something here?
  20. CanadaJohn

    Tom Brady Deflategate Suspension Upheld

    Good for the NFL, sticking by their decisions and not wilting under pressure this time. NFL upholds Tom Brady's four-game Deflategate suspension - CNN.com
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