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    Ex-Gitmo Detainee Ahmed Ghailani Cleared of All but One Charge in U.S. Embassy Bombin

    Link Wow, looks like the USA Justice Department just had their ass handed back to them. CNN also has the story but it is in their blogs. .
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    Clinton, the sequel perhaps

    Wonder what Michelle thinks about this] Is Prez Doofus on the prowl? It could turn out to be an entertaining four years. :lol: ..
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    The Declaration of Cumaná: Capitalism 'threatens life on the planet'

    Capitalism 'threatens life on the planet' Pres Doofus's best friends are trying to help him convince the Congress to pass his programs without delay. .
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    Senate Proposal Could Put Heavy Restrictions on Internet Freedoms

    Senate Proposal Could Put Heavy Restrictions on Internet Freedoms Its going to be interesting to see how the partisans break on this one. .
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    Which is the cause of job gains in developed countries?

    Just for another point of view.
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    Obama reveals true elitist self.

    Obama, at a fund raiser with SF elites that was closed to the press, described people in small town PA and other midwest states as gun toting, Bible thumping, dolts, saying the following: When he thinks he is among his elitist friends and no one else is looking, he shows exactly what he thinks...
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    Are you proud of your country/state

    Are you proud of your state and/or country? Why or why not?
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    Clinton targets pledged delegates

    It get more interesting all the time. :lol: And Now, The Rest of the Story Anyone think the Clinton machine will back off must be smoking wacky-weed. :lol:
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    Is he guilty?

    So is Roger Clemens guilty and, if so, of what? Is Clemens a national seurity threat? Why is there Congressional hearing on it?
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    SC Democrat Debate

    I think Hillary will be the next President, but Obama is really beating her up so far in the debate tonight.
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    Should countries ban fat people

    New Zealand bars British man's 'fat' wife How about other undesirable traits?
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    The Great Pumpkin State

    Iowa is the first in the nation to give the nod to the candidates for President and I thought y'all might like to get a flavor of their thinking. Des Moines Register (the state rag) I thought the bolded part was, laugh out loud, funny as hell. I don't have any idea what a pumpkin costs, but...
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    Obama wants to be an instrument of God

    This should give some of his left wing supporters pause, although maybe he thinks he can get the nonimation with the the right wing vote. Guess he has to go somewhere since Hillary is quickly wrapping up the left wing. ;) CNN Link Shouldn't he be seeking power to serve the people?
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    Florida Demos tell DNC to kiss off

    The Florida Democratic Party will stick with a Jan. 29 presidential primary even if it means losing all its nominating convention delegates So who is going to blink? :rwbdonkey
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    Should there be a national ID for all legal residents

    With all the angst about illegal immigration should the Feds institute a naitonal ID program? It could be used by employers to verify the person has the legal right to work in the US. It could also be useful to combat voter and other types of fraud. IMO, it would have to use some sort of...
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    Should the Union be dissolved?

    There is another poll concerning Civil War. As someone stated in that thread the US people are too apathetic (maybe just too pathetic) to really fight another civil war. IMO this does not fit that topic. Is it time to just drop the pretense of being a United people and let the individual...
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    Md. Mom's Case Poses Tough Challenges

    Interesting Case This should throw some interesting issues into the pro/anti debate. It will be interesting to see how the opposing sides each use this to justify their position.
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    New on board

    Wanted to say hello. I am trying to get the lay of the land and will probably just lurk for a spell. :spin:
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