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  1. jambalaya

    Obama promisies amnesty after his inauguration in January.

    But the melting pot has immigration laws that have been virtually ignored for many years. We have always controlled immigration. Why should those that come across the Mexican border be any different? How is it MOSTLY xenophobia? The effects of immigration go beyond the color of the skin of...
  2. jambalaya

    The Best Laid Mandates of Mice and Men Oft Go Astray

    Yeah but like a lot of things with the government if it is not a direct income tax then they probably don't count it as an income tax when in fact it is. That's how things get spun in Washington. I may be wrong. Can one get out of the ATM for some reason?
  3. jambalaya

    The Best Laid Mandates of Mice and Men Oft Go Astray

    Isn't the claim that some million dollar plus income people pay no taxes bogus? The ATM is basically an income tax right? Can you get out of paying ATM?
  4. jambalaya

    Good Morning Mister General Petraeus Sir!

    Exactly what were the menacing E-mails to Kelly all about?
  5. jambalaya

    Morality and Public Service

    I think one reason people resign in circumstances like this is because it is simply a distraction for him and everyone around him. The media circus and political wrangling just creates a negative atmosphere around the administration. Nobody wants to weather the storm. Get it off the front...
  6. jambalaya

    U.S. to Be World’s Top Oil Producer in 5 Years

    The evil plan is working. Use up everybody else's oil first then have them begging at our door after we got them hooked on oil.
  7. jambalaya

    Lets talk about meth

    Some drugs are very dangerous and meth is one of them. Highly addictive drugs like meth just don't fall into the same category as weed. Even the manufacture of it is very dangerous. Way too much downside for us to consider legalizing it.
  8. jambalaya

    U.S. to Be World’s Top Oil Producer in 5 Years

    I call bull on this. It only takes ten years to build a nuclear power facility and there is nothing with more red tape than buidling one of those.
  9. jambalaya

    John Kerry for Secretar yof Defense?

    There is more I have against Kerry than his military career but he has a very checkered past when it comes to the military. It does seem like a slap in the face for Obama to even consider it. Liberals do tend as Hilary Clinton once said to "loathe the military". I say go ahead and let the...
  10. jambalaya

    College Football![W: 749]

    Re: College Football! That is the explanation but it still becomes problematic when you run up against a defense that can make a few stops and run their own offense against your defense.
  11. jambalaya

    Why is it generally more acceptable for women to be bisexual than men?

    I frankly think it is as simple as how females usually show friendship and affection to other women. Hugging and hand holding and dancing with each other is not unusual between women. The leap to two women kissing and fondling each other just isn't as far as it is with two men. Men watching...
  12. jambalaya

    In 59 Philadelphia voting divisions, Mitt Romney got zero votes

    Not that it is going to change the results of the election but it would seem at least one person in all of those precincts would have voted for Romney by accident.
  13. jambalaya

    College Football![W: 749]

    Re: College Football! I really don't think most of those conferences are eager to trade games with a good SEC team on top of playing in their own conferences. I can only think of two this year were Alabama spanked Michigan and LSU spanked Washington.
  14. jambalaya

    College Football![W: 749]

    Re: College Football! They've tried it a couple of times recently with LSU and Auburn with no luck. Oregon may well beat an SEC team the next time the play one but the wildcard is most of the teams they currently play have terrible defenses. The USC-Oregon game was a joke. Something like...
  15. jambalaya

    Should General Petreus be court-martialed?

    I have thought about this issue a lot with regards to what does it say about so many people who take opportunities like this to show such intense moral outrage at such behavior. It gets played up in the media for its news value. It gets played up by politicians for political value. But it is...
  16. jambalaya


    It is partly a rally the troops thing. "We're the greatest, let's go!" It is a call to take pride in what you've got and then make it better even if we don't all agree how to do it. We really don't expect the rest of the world to think we are the greatest country on earth. I think we...
  17. jambalaya

    The insipid war on drugs - Why legalization makes sense

    Because there are a lot of people who won't support politicians who would dare to vote to legalize drugs. Drug enforcement reform is just a non-starter for the legislature. Too much to lose politically. We went all in on the war on drugs and spent untold dollars in the war on drugs and refuse...
  18. jambalaya

    Gay marriage is approved by popular vote in Maine, Maryland

    That is the crux of the matter. In a government for and by the people when the people change the government changes. I hold that tradition for marriage is between a man and a woman but I don't hold that tradition cannot change. People steadfastly against gay marriage are going to lose the battle.
  19. jambalaya

    No, it was NOT a mixed message

    Spinny, spin, spin spin Adam. I don't think thre is a message at all. We had two pathetic choices and one of them had to win.
  20. jambalaya

    So conservatives. Is it time to dump the far right?

    One thing you never do is let your enemies define you. It is always going to be a level of considering what side's fringe groups scare you the most. The only thing your suggestion will do is marginalize the Republicans even more. Basically conservatives would be left with two parties and...
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