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    Nine-Year-Old Boy Asks Buttigieg Advice on Coming Out as Gay

    Bloomberg - Are you a robot? Am I wrong to find this disturbing? I am gay and I was in my twenties before I had that figured out. I even dated girls in college. How is it a prepubescent child would have any notion of their sexual orientation? Most kids this age are more interested in Roblox...
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    Does the Socialist label matter anymore?

    They called Obama a socialist. He is not, he is a technocrat. The called Hillary Clinton a socialist. She is not, she is a corporatist. Now they call Bernie a socialist. He is certainly the closest to it, but technically he is not, he is a democratic socialist. I have to wonder at this point...
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    SCOTUS has now given Democrats the perfect excuse to pack it

    For pretty much the entire existence of SCOTUS there has been a pretty solid rule. You have to go through the lower District and Appeals courts before SCOTUS will hear a case. Even then there usually has to be a split between different Appeals court rulings before SCOTUS will take a case. There...
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    My incredibly unpopular view on trans people

    Okay, so I have gotten a lot of flak from liberals and conservatives on my view on trans people. I have some friends on Facebook who are trans and we have had some nasty arguments before. To boil it down I think the whole trans thing is stupid but for the complete opposite reason that the...
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    The politics of not giving a crap

    How many miles of border wall have been built and how much paid for by Mexico? How many days has Trump been on the golf course when he said he would never golf as president? How many lies has Trump spouted to his supporters? How close are we to eliminating all federal debt "within 8 years"...
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    Should pregnant women who smoke or drink go to prison?

    This is a serious question. I imagine in my lifetime I will see Roe V. Wade chipped away and eventually overturned. Many state laws being passed now are more restrictive than the laws were prior to Roe and the concept of fetal personhood has largely become an an accepted part of the pro life...
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    Why did every witness lie and commit perjury?

    I am curious because everyone who says there was no evidence against Trump is saying the sworn testimony from 12 witnesses were lies and perjury. Why exactly did Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, the top Ukraine expert on the National Security Council; Bill Taylor, the US's chief envoy in Ukraine...
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    Tell me what I want to hear, not the truth

    I hear plenty of complaints about the disinformation that has become our new way of life, but what is the solution? Even on this forum I am seeing people peddle the same debunked crap that a simple Google search would reveal to not be worth reposting, but they will do it again and again because...
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    The China deal is more smoke and mirrors crap

    Looking at the Phase 1 deal it looks like it boils down to China buying more soybeans but a lot fewer than what we would need to break even on what has been lost with the trade war to begin with. I can't help but think Trump choked to avoid the December tarriffs kicking in and trying to create a...
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    10 Reasons Trump will win in 2020

    Before the chorus of "too early to tell" or "anything could happen between now and then" starts, let me say you are wrong. Whether the election were today or in November of next year, the outcome is already decided because this is not like any other election in US history. Here is why. 1. Trump...
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    How is America greater now than it was?

    Going into 2020 I am curious how America is better off. The economy and unemployment has maintained the same trajectory from when Obama left office, but I think that has more to do with the Fed than either Obama or Trump. I am having trouble seeing how all those blue collars, Evangelists, and...
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    Russia is owning America

    I am utterly amazed how well Russia is playing us. First, they used a disinformation campaign to spread the false Ukraine / Crowdstrike narrative. Somehow they got Giuliani to convince Trump. Trump coordinated his administration to work with Giuliani to orchestrate this whole debacle that...
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    Please stop blaming shootings on mental health

    This may surprise people, but mental health has very little to do with why people decide to kill one another. Most of these mass shooters are extremists. They are politically, racially, or religiously motivated to kill people to get attention. Nobody sits around arguing that the Islamic dude who...
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    3rd Red Scare: Right wing paranoia will win Trump 2020 election

    They hate America. They want Socialism. They want open borders. They want to ban guns. We aren't even in 2020 yet, and the right wing media and political machine has already written its political narrative. It is not a narrative geared towards moderates but one of extremely effective rhetoric...
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    Pro Gun Control does not equal Anti Gun

    You guys understand that supporting gun control policies does not mean people are against all guns, right? The rhetoric nowadays borders on stupid.
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    What is Trump talking about with the Squad hating America?

    I think I am missing something. Exactly what have these women said that is so hateful or disrespectful of the country?
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    What is a "fair tax" for the bottom 50%

    In another thread a conservative poster made this argument... That makes little sense to me. Not even as a matter of fairness but as a matter of simple math. The total Adjusted Gross Income of the country is about $11 trillion. The top 50% has about $10 trillion and the bottom 50% had about...
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    Kick out 55,000 children who are legal from public housing to punish illegals

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2019/05/10/hud-says-children-could-be-displaced-under-trump-plan-evict-undocumented-immigrants/?utm_term=.68d5c205c479 I approve of this plan. I think kicking tens of thousands of legal children into the streets in an attempt to drive their families out...
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    6 Popular Trump Myths

    Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes truth. I want a thread to challenge the 6 biggest lies Trump promotes about himself to his followers. 1. Trump has done a lot. He hasn't. His biggest accomplishments are a tax cut for the wealthy and two SCOTUS justices that any conservative president...
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    Has Trump made illegal immigration worse?

    It feels that way. One sure way to get help from others is to constantly belittle and threaten them...or at least that appears to be the basis of Trump logic. I think a president who had not gone on an attack of Mexico and instead had enlisted them in a collaborative effort to manage the Central...
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