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    A Vietnam War Reader: American and Vietnamese prespectives.

    Edited byu Michael Hunt Have you read it? I am just starting to read it now.
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    Following links

    What exactly is meant by this? ie. What does it mean, when somebody asks, if the links can be followed?
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    I'm not going to that Hell Hole!

    Are there countries you would avoid visiting, because you don't like the politics, or you find the politics there off putting. Explain, your reasons. Exclude countries at war, unless there is another reason besides the war danger that would prevent you from wanting to go there.
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    Are you afraid of dying?

    Sometimes, when I think about how I will die one day, it gives me the creeps. I dont know why it is so scary, because it happens to everybody, and it is probably very peaceful after it happens. Afterall, I never had any stress, worries, fears..., before I was conceived.
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    Can cats and dogs understand each other?

    If a cat says 'mew ow' and a dog says 'bow wow' can they understand each other?
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    Work place grievences

    What would you say are the most common ones? What are your particular pet hates? What would make you dissatisified with a job? Would you leave because of it? What situations have tempted you to leave a job? What situations have made you actually quit your job?
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    Your weight: Are you happy with it?

    If not, do you want to lose some of gain some? I am happy with mine most of the time. I weigh 60KG. Sometimes, I weight 61KG and I dont like when I do, because 60 looks about right on me and 61 means I have to watch what I eat for a while.
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    Are you getting enough sex?

    I would like to be getting more, as long as it is all from my boyfriend.
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    Woohoo! Forgiveness day is tomorrow. :)

    My red card infraction, for 'trying to bypass' the swearing censor 3 times expires tomorrow. All my yellow cards for the same offence as the red one and for putting wrong titles on breaking news threads have expired. What are you being punished for, and when does it expire?
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    Gillard becomes Australia's first female prime minister as tearful Rudd stands aside

    ''She was sworn in as Australia's 27th Prime Minister by the country's first female Governor-General...'' Quote from Julia Gillard, Prime Minister After Labor Leadership Challenge Well done Australia, for starting to represent 100% of your population in your government, rather than 50%. It is...
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    Long hair or short hair?

    Which do you find more attractive on the opposite sex? Which does your partner have? Which do you have? Does your partner like your hair lenght? I used to find long hair more attractive on men, than short hair, when I was younger. Now, I dont really have a preference for either. My boyfriend...
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    Accused of War Crimes, and Living With Perks

    ''Since the days after World War II when people accused as Nazi criminals awaited their fates in the grimness of Nuremberg Prison, reformers have dramatically reshaped the standards under which suspects accused of the vilest war crimes are being held. '' Quote from Accused of War Crimes, and...
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    BBC news - Volunteers begin Mars500 isolation

    ''Six would-be cosmonauts have entered a sealed facility where they will spend 18 months with no windows and only e-mail contact with the outside world. The men are taking part in the Mars500 project, which aims to simulate a mission to Mars.'' Quote from BBC News - Volunteers begin Mars500...
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    If a person declares bankrupty, what happens?

    I know little about economics, so would somebody who does know, explain how it works. How does it effect a persons life and finances?
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    Is your partner politically minded?

    Mine is. He used to be a member of the youth socialist party. He left, because he said they all seem to abandon their ideals, when they take on politics as a career.
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    North Korea: Not waving. Perhaps drowning : The Economist

    ''It is a relationship that leaves a lot to be desired from China’s point of view. China’s rulers had no choice but to fete Kim Jong Il and his entourage as, earlier this month, he stepped off a lavish train in Beijing to plead for financial help for a country that his economic “reforms” have...
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    Noisy sex next door?

    Noisy sex next door does not bother me. At least it hasnt yet. But, apparently many find it really irrititating. Are you one of those who find it irritating? If so, what do you do about it? 1. Call the police 2. Pound on the wall 3. Have a 'if you cant beat em, join em philosophy'? 4. Put in...
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    GLOBAL: Women UN peacekeepers - more needed*

    ''The UN Secretariat has repeatedly emphasized the proven benefits of having more female peacekeepers, especially in regions where sexual violence has been or still is a serious problem, but there are hiccups. : : A lot of member states are beginning to understand that when it comes to...
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    Not interested in politics?

    What do you think about people who say they have no interest in politics? I feel judgemental of them, but I don't really know why. Afterall, I do believe that not doing something bad is the same as doing something good, so it should not really matter to me, if somebody is not interested in...
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    Greece brought to standstill by anti-austerity strike

    ''Many Greeks are angered by the spending cuts and tax and pension-age rises planned in return for a 110bn-euro (£95bn) bail-out from the EU and IMF. '' Quote from BBC News - Greece brought to standstill by anti-austerity strike So, what will it take to calm the unrest in Greece then?
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