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    Abbas mulls declaring Gaza a rebel district

    http://www.israelhayom.com/site/newsletter_article.php?id=43135 Are the Palestinians are finally willing to do what Ben-Gurion did in Altalena?
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    BBC report on the attack in Jerusalem on Saturday [W:13:35:****52***]

    So, a Palestinian (terrorist) goes on a killing frebzy with a butcher knife, killing two men, seriouly injures a woman and injures a two year old infant and this is the BBC headline:
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    Two Israelis held captive in Gaza[W:8]

    Two Israelis held captive in Gaza - Israel News, Ynetnews Hamas reached a new low. Holding a mentally ill civilian hostage. Even Hez returned an Israeli citizen who crossed the border to Lebanon under the same circumstances.
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    Israeli man feared kidnapped

    i24news - See beyond The story told by his friend is very unlikely. Sounds more like a drug deal gone bad.
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    Israel 2015 knesset elections

    We are a week before the Israeli elections and at the moment it seems like Kulanu and Yesh Atid which are 2 centrists parties with an agenda focusing on economy will be the tie breaker between the two candidates for the PM office. Personally I believe Bibi will be the PM once more, the Labor...
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    Egyptian Court Bans Annual Jewish Pilgrimage - Indefinitely

    Egyptian Court Bans Annual Jewish Pilgrimage - Middle East - News - Arutz Sheva In addition they also declined a request to move the bones of the Rabbi to Israel. Now imagine the headlines in world media if you replace "Egypt" with "Israel" and "Jewish" with "Muslim".
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    Sisi offered a Palestinian state in Sinai to Abbas [W:48]

    http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/184861#.VA1QIPmSy_Q Very unlikely that the Palestinians will accept such a deal, but it is very interesting to see for the first time an Arab leader who is willing to actually do something for the Palestinians and not just use them.
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    IDF Spokesman: We bombed Wafa hospital [W:19]

    VIDEO: Terrorists fire rockets from Gaza hospital - Israel News, Ynetnews The world need to step up and demilitarize Gaza, Hamas got no boundaries, if this round Israel is left with no other choice but bringing down a hospital, imagine what the next round will be like.
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    Netanyahu fires deputy Minister of Defense for criticizing the government

    Netanyahu fires Danon for critical remarks - Israel News, Ynetnews Though Netanyahu was just waiting for an excuse to kick Danon out, I won't be missing him, at least one good thing came out of this war.
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    Egypt brokers a cease fire, Israel accepts, Hamas rejects [W:39]

    Israel accepts truce as Hamas rejects it as 'surrender' - Israel News, Ynetnews The full text of the Egyptian cease-fire proposal - Diplomacy and Defense Israel News | Haaretz Hamas declares they reject the cease fire but seems like the fire is lower, a few sirens were heard in villages around...
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    Hamas rocket achieves a direct hit in... Hebron?!

    Two major Palestinian West Bank cities hit by rockets fired from Gaza - Israel News, Ynetnews IDF said earlier this morning that it will issue safety protocols to the west bank Palestinian cities on how to act when air raid sirens are heard.
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    IDF Finds the bodies of 3 abducted teens [W:65,109]

    IDF finds missing teens' bodies in West Bank - Israel News, Ynetnews This is how Palestinians "detain" teenagers. Try to imagine the horror these kids went through in the last hour of their lives. The murders identity was already published, now its time to put these bastards back into prison...
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    Passover Terror attack solved, raising questions about release of terrorists

    Israeli killed on Passover eve was murdered by Palestinian freed in Shalit d... - Israel News, Ynetnews This demonstrates how idiotic releasing terrorists is. We got one soldier back and already paid with the life of an Israeli citizen.
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    Pollard to go free in return for hundreds of Palestinians [W:33]

    Israeli source: Pollard to go free in return for hundreds of Palestinians - Israel News, Ynetnews I'm usually against freeing terrorists for peace talks but if Pollard will be freed I think most of us Israelis will support this move. Palestinians offered nothing until now for the hundreds of...
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    Turkish Police arrests IHH members for aiding Al-Qaeda

    LOCAL - Turkish police detain at least 23 in anti-al-Qaeda op, raid on Interesting, you think Erdogan will end up apologizing to the terrorists?
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    Rocket attacks on Israel increase

    I heard on the radio today that Rocket attacks on the past month have been increased to a daily basis. For comparison, January 2013, following pillar of cloud had zero attacks. It seems like the Israeli deterrence is crumbling again and looks like there is a pattern, every 2 years a major...
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    Palestinians catch "price tag" vandalists in action

    West Bank Palestinians say protected settlers from locals' revenge - Israel News, Ynetnews These terrorists got exactly what they deserve in my opinion. Kudos for the Palestinians who caught the bastards in action and for those who kept them safe from the angry mob, though I wouldn't have shed...
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    Diskin: Stalemate with the Palestinians is a bigger threat than Iran

    Ex-Shin Bet head: Lack of peace bigger threat than Iran - Israel News, Ynetnews Ever since I watched the documentary "The Gatekeepers" I wished Diskin will enter politics. The Israeli Center-Left is lacking leaders and this man seems like the only one who is able to overthrow king Bibi.
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    Meet IDF medic who treats wounded Syrians

    First responder: Meet IDF medic who treats wounded Syrians - Israel News, Ynetnews These kind of reports warm the heart. This is the real face of the IDF.
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    Stork arrested in Egypt for spying

    Eyes on storks? Egyptian fisherman thought bird was foreign spy | World news | theguardian.com What the hell is wrong with them over there? First shark mossad agents, then spying pigeons now spying strok behind bars...
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