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  1. The Giant Noodle

    Microsoft to Dump Windows 8

    Microsoft is backing away from Windows 8.0 Its actually backing away from 8.1 HOORAY! the new revised 7! I called it! *mic drop*
  2. The Giant Noodle

    Ezekiel 38 - And the end

    Im not going to copy and paste it. Google it. Its goes on for a good run. Is THIS the time? It basically says the Russians will hook up with the Muslims and from there get friendly with the Chinese and THEN kick our American tails to the curb. Anyone else have different interpretations...
  3. The Giant Noodle

    violence aginst women-funny , if it's a right winger

    Who CARES what the Palins do???? It has ZERO bearing. Im a middle of the road guy. The Palin family? I dont care. This says nothing to the state of America. Its just a stupid family.
  4. The Giant Noodle

    Brittany Maynard, Death With Dignity Advocate, Dies At 29

    Bless her. I would have done the same thing. I have tears in my eyes. My pastor condemed this. **** him. Im just sorry to lose a beautiful heart.
  5. The Giant Noodle

    Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo Crashes During Flight Test

    The whole thing...... set back back YEARS. Did anyone gamble on the stock? IS there stock?
  6. The Giant Noodle

    7 ways to bring back the PC: Fix or dump Windows 8

    I have used it. Mentioned that many times. Youre just irritated that Ive been correct and you weren't regarding Win8.
  7. The Giant Noodle

    Cat Shark Duck Dog Roomba Drama!!!!

    Ladies and Gentlemen..... ENJOY!! :2wave:
  8. The Giant Noodle

    Microsoft to Dump Windows 8

    Agreed! They are like Star Trek movies :)
  9. The Giant Noodle

    Microsoft to Dump Windows 8

    For them not to do this would be the beginning of the end for the Windows OS. They really screwed up with the Metro interface! The word 'Idiotic' comes to mind thinking about it. It is less efficient plus not intuitive to use. I used it for an hour and I wanted to throw the damn computer in a...
  10. The Giant Noodle

    7 ways to bring back the PC: Fix or dump Windows 8

    I feel like the Giant Chicken that keeps fighting with Peter Griffin on Family Guy. Metro SUCKS! NO ONE likes it! No company is going to buy Windows 8 because of the learning curve among other issues, one of them being Windows 8 is worse than Windows 7! I build my own computers and I would...
  11. The Giant Noodle

    Microsoft to Dump Windows 8

    There has been talk all over, in legit publications for the past 2 months, that Windows will dump Window 8 (thank God) in favor for something called Windows Blue. It will drop the new (and hated by most) Metro interface and finally return to a Windows 7 interface! I am thrilled they are finally...
  12. The Giant Noodle

    Now THIS is Funny!

    No one feels this is amusing? :(
  13. The Giant Noodle

    Now THIS is Funny!

    God I love these hosts! Here they are interviewing Ryan Lochte who it seems is not exactly a bright bulb. :lol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=jSo6HMG2btQ
  14. The Giant Noodle

    Explosions reported near finish line at Boston Marathon [W:162, 896, 911]]

    Re: Explosions reported near finish line at Boston Marathon I am sickened. They killed a 8 year old. :(
  15. The Giant Noodle


    Agreed! Chicago WAS a great city but the cost of everything went through the roof. Flash mobs and $37 to park in a garage and $6.75 an hour to park at a meter and almost doubling the Metra train fees and the Tollway fees. And the city is still broke. I really DO wish the Cubs a great season...
  16. The Giant Noodle

    7 ways to bring back the PC: Fix or dump Windows 8

    Its ALMOST Official. Windows 8 is dead. http://www.nbcnews.com/technology/gadgetbox/7-ways-bring-back-pc-1C9319686
  17. The Giant Noodle


    They may win. But probably lose. CUBS SUCK.
  18. The Giant Noodle

    Low-fat diet proven unhealthy

    Ive taken two shots of olive oil just reading this thread! :beer:
  19. The Giant Noodle

    Hello i apologize

    Howdy! :2wave:
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