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    Trayvon hit first ---- Rachel Jeantel

    Why does everyone think it is a communication error,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it's a slip of the tongue...........after she says something that makes TM look bad, she changes the story to make GZ look bad. It has nothing to do with communication...........it's the lies that will get you!:cool:
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    Couldn't agree more.

    First time I saw the entire video.........did they interview the guy from the store? What was TM asking or talking to him about? Any info on that conversation?
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    Verdict reached - 07/13/13 [W:395, 619, 1357, 1549]

    Re: Verdict reached - 07/13/13 Wow, you have some heavy heavy chip on your shoulder! You sound like the type of person who their whole life will be filled with excuses, anger and will only see black against white............ What a shame.
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    The most effective/powerful witnesses or parts of the trial?

    Yes, all of the above, plus the concrete slab that O'Mara brought in!
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    Jury deliberations.[W:113]

    Re: Jury deliberations. How do u think this is going? After court sent back question to jury and they didn't answer or ask again......than how did they get an answer to the question they were orginially asking? Don't get it:doh did I miss something?
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    Jury deliberations.[W:113]

    Re: Jury deliberations. Wow with this judge, no way she would sentence him 10 yrs. probably closer to 25-30...........wow hope not.
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    Jury deliberations.[W:113]

    Re: Jury deliberations. One of my friends in Fla. just said he was foreman for a sequ. jury and they did get info about charges, as to min. and max penalty times...........is it a law to do that, or is it only done in certain cases??
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    Jury deliberations.[W:113]

    Re: Jury deliberations. I wanted to know.........does the jury have in their instructions, what kind of prison time is for M2 and manslaughter?
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    HLN states that what woman saw jury do...

    Just saw HLN and they had a woman that was in the court room, had a good seat and could see the ladies on the jury. While state was finishing up, she saw 2 ladies wiping tears while he was talking, blonde lady turned red and was shaking..........................that sure doesn't sound good for...
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    did the trial change your mind?

    My mind was made stronger once I heard the entire trial.....state didn't prove their case. After listening to state claiming, this child, this is the worst thing that could happen to a child being followed in the dark by a stranger.....Really? I decided to look up child, it said, legal term...
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    What does this case say about our society as a whole.......

    Question, does the jury see the demonstration going on and now chanting? I just got in abit ago and don't know how long they had been there, anybody know?
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    What does this case say about our society as a whole.......

    'I understand that is your opinion. I am just saying, mine. That I don't doubt for 1 single min. that the reason Sharpton and Jackson were involved ONLY had to do with race. Their past history proves that.
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    What does this case say about our society as a whole.......

    I dont't agree with the line in bold. Al Sharpton DOES NOT get involved and start trouble with cases w/guns. He focuses all his time with people who are BLACK. Not black people involved w/ black people....or white people involved w/ white people. NO...... only black people involved with white...
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    Trayvon Martin acted in self-defense

    I promise you, he never said that...I saw a clip last night about her testifying about that (her first day) get off, get off. If anyone can find it......watch her body language. She was rocking up a storm, from side to side. I cannot believe I didn't notice it the first time. She wasn't rocking...
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    Day 13, Closing Arguments (Thursday 7/11)[W:202]

    Sorry, this you DON'T know. First off you put quatation marks around what someone said, notice I didn't................but he did say: "he had skittles.............that he didn't even steal".................... Bernie DID say that. that was the statement that I was commenting on............
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    Day 13, Closing Arguments (Thursday 7/11)[W:202]

    Please Take note: According to Bernie, if you don't steal skittles, you just couldn't have beat this guy's head in :roll:
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    Day 13, Closing Arguments (Thursday 7/11)[W:202]

    What history? It was stated he couldn't be a cop because of his credit history..........what does that have to do with citizens official patrol?
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    Day 13, Closing Arguments (Thursday 7/11)[W:202]

    When Bernie started, was he asking why Z didn't give mouth to mouth w/TM like the police did? :doh Wow, that's like asking for a good-bye kiss from the mugger that just mugged me!!!!!!!! Idiot:shock:
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    I've Watched Everything About The Zimmerman Trial Which Has Been Televised To Date

    Re: I've Watched Everything About The Zimmerman Trial Which Has Been Televised To Dat Are you saying he DIDN'T circle Z's car?
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