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    No smoking

    I would LOVE it if they would ban smoking in public places here. It is a public health risk and is frankly downright nasty. I do think that bars should probably be exempt, but as far as I'm concerned anywhere else is fair game.
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    Should Porn be taxed like cigarettes or alchohol?

    Yeah, I bet that's exactly what it will be used for. :roll: It would be fitting for them to use the porn industry as just one more way to bend us over the barrel.
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    Please Boycott the following liberal rock bands

    Point of view differing from that of the government=Treason ---I'll have to keep that in mind. :roll:
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    Should Porn be taxed like cigarettes or alchohol?

    Why yet another tax? So the gov will have more money to waste? Personally, I found smoking just as nasty before it was heavily taxed as I do now. Besides, isn't untaxed streaming video of 2 guys and a girl doing it with a chicken delivered into the privacy of ones own home what this country...
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    Abortian and Original Sin

    I'm so sorry, I didn't realize that someone was forcing you to read the thread against your will. :roll:
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    Bush Approves use of Torture

    I think I have a solution--let's put Administration officals through a few months of the above treatment and if they still think it's not torture, well then they can let the GITMO prisoners have it.
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    Abortian and Original Sin

    It is fair to say that many of the same Christians who are against abortion are also for the death penalty. The argument is that a fetus is an innocent human life and therefore should not be killed, where as the death row inmate has committed murder therefore deserving death. However, one of...
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    What is your most valued physical possession?

    No, thank God. Some insurance companies won't cover you if you have a pit, rot, dobe, or GSD but there are a lot that will. Sometimes I get rude comments about Sally, but most of the time people have good things to say about her. I'm very careful with her because there have been some dog...
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    Blaming the Victim

    Ha! I've had the same exact thing happen to me on another board I belong to. I look at it like this--if you leave your home unlocked with no security system and you get robbed, it's still a crime, but if you locked the house before you left you my not have been robbed at all.
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    What is your most valued physical possession?

    Good old Indiana.
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    Actually, for me it's about getting the gov out of my business. If I want to abort my fetus before it is able to survive on its own and therefore part of my body, no legislater has the right to tell me I can't. Likewise, if I am a responsible dog owner with a well trained, non-aggressive pit...
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    What is your most valued physical possession?

    My 1 yr old pit bull mix Sally. I don't really like calling her a "possession," but I guess legally she is.
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    Is atheism a religion?

    Re: Atheism a religion Well, it does take a lot of faith to believe in nothing.
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    I think it's cool if people want to live like that. There are really very few veggies I like, so I would probably die of malnutrition. I would just like to point out that even in the animal world, the lines can become blurred. Dogs and cats will regularly snack on plants. One of my horses...
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    daddy & daughters

    I really think you're reaching here. There are lots of people who are proud of their children, it does not make them egomaniacs.
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    Flag burning

    Lots of things can evoke the same sort of reaction. A few years back there was a KKK rally in a nearby town that is almost all black. You don't think that THAT was incendiary? If flag-burning is outlawed, what's next? Do you think it should be illegal for people to demonstrate against...
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    Flag burning

    So all things done for attention by ass-holes, as well as things that serve no purpose, should be made illegal? Wow--that's going to be a long list.
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    The World Hates America!

    I still can't believe that this has gone on for 23 pages...
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    Flag burning

    Yuck, I hate leaving things up to Congress. They usually screw it up. I am really going to have to agree with Soviet_Guy here, God help me. I DO NOT think that there should be a law against burning flags or even giving Congress the authority to outlaw flag-burning. Nobody said that freedom...
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    Tennessee woman awarded Silver Star

    I'm sure that's it hon, I'm sure that's it. :roll:
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