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    Computer reads the internet (and learns!)

    hey dudes....... is any one know how can open the lock of right click if it is locked by server???? plz i need information about very very urgently.......
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    Swine Flu Resources

    hey dude... very very good u have shared very osam information... thanks... much of things i didn't know before but now i know just because of you... keep it up man........
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    What are your favorite games?

    hey guys// My all time favorite game is only one that is Call of duty 4... i just lover it... it is mind-blowing.... During playing it seems that time fly...
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    "hey guys... saim here i am new comer here so let welcome me... i am just looking for some interesting things and i am pretty much sure that here i will get them... share some interesting things with me........"
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