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    California Mayor Wants to Jail Homeless - Redding Separation of Church and Hate

    Who could ever have imagined it? Never before has the prosperity gospel, which contains no wealth at all, would rear its ugly spiritual head in such a fashion from north state political leadership, causing a global international awakening? Something tantamount to a middle ages debtors...
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    VIDEO Redding California Police Attempts False Allegations Against Homeless Advocate

    Watch the laugh a minute fun documenting Redding California police department as they deal with a young lady with hording issues. Hear the alleged "homeless informant" discourage the filming of Redding Police. Watch a fellow who often smells gangrenous and allegedly has others go to the bank...
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    Demand Shasta County California Judge Cara Beatty Step Down

    Protest Planning and Think Tank to Demand Shasta County Judge Cara Beatty Step Down ! "Bosenko blasted Shasta County Superior Court Judge Cara Beatty’s decision Thursday that Graham didn’t have to wear a GPS bracelet. “The court made a bad decision in ordering Graham’s GPS to be removed and...
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    Ex Redding California mayor wants sprinklers on sleeping homeless

    In a future vision eerily reminiscent of the fire hoses of Birmingham Alabama in 1963, Ex "Mayor Rick Bosetti of Redding California is using his power and authority to harass , abuse and exile the homeless in his community rather than helping them. In a time when Dr. King is used a a marketing...
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    "Redding's Good News Rescue Mission turned away 500 people last year."

    'They have no place': Rousted, relocated, Redding California homeless have few choices. One City Council member even heard threats of baseball bats against homeless and their camps, Redding Police release map! Redding California Police release map of known homeless camps at a city wide...
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    Pastor of Sacramento Capital Christian goes homeless until money is raised

    The pastor of Capital Christian Center in Sacramento California left his church Sunday to live on the streets until $300,000 is raised for the homeless. Pastor Rick is committed to making a difference in the lives of the homeless. He is choosing to live on the streets of Sacramento until the...
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    Redding Homeless Hate Cabal / Why Redding’s Chris Zwaga is ‘mad as you know what

    A spell is being cast over Redding California....... The war drums of hatred against Redding California's poor and homeless reached a new fevered pitch with this radio interview. A growing spirit and fanning of flames that can only lead to violence and physical assault of a very vulnerable...
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    Plans for homeless village in Redding California moving forward

    The Shasta Humanity Project team is days away from opening a physical office space, but that's just the beginning of a series of steps. Redding California resident Douglas Christian has an idea on how to help his city's homeless population. "We're envisioning developing a piece of property...
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    Global Homeless Day

    The world economy continues to weaken and global poverty continues to grow at an alarming rate. Increasingly hunger and famine’s dark shadow continues its march over cities, countries, and regions. It has been reported that in the east end of London, UK homelessness has doubled in the last 3...
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    Los Angeles California - 5000 Angelenos For Kelly Thomas Protest

    Justice For Kelly Thomas - 5000 Angelenos For Kelly Thomas Protest Description "A homeless and mentally-ill man that has been described as a "gentle soul" - Kelly Thomas, 37 - was unable to put up any resistance and was lying on the ground on his front when a vicious attack took place on...
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    Redding California's 10 year plan to end homelessness - Freeze them out?

    Often over the years as a homeless advocate, I wonder how God feels about the City of Redding California's continued oppression and criminalization of our most vulnerable. Headlines of "Fear and Ire" in a recent Record Searchlight article fuels the continuously false fire that the homeless...
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    Chico - Northern California Homeless Hatred

    Chico California has a homeless shelter crisis, and the local chapter of the ACLU agrees. Downtown merchants allegedly threatening to "hose " homeless of the streets and sidewalks returning to the days of Birmingham and Martin Luther King with what seems like a stamp of approval from the City...
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    Sheraton Hotel Redding - 4 Star Homeless Hatred ?

    A noticeable war on the poor and homeless of Redding California has been declared, with brush and tree pockets of known homeless camps being destroyed from one end of town to the other. Wonderful homeless advocates protested the destruction of Redding California homeless camps on the...
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    REDDING TV NEWS Anchor Targeted By California "Anonymous" over Marijuana Video

    VIDEO - The “hacktivist” organization Anonymous has "Targeted" Redding KRCR TV News 7 for their aerial footage of marijuana grows in Shasta County California. “Mike Mangas and KRCR News Channel 7, you should have expected us, and please, continue to expect us. We are here. We are Anonymous...
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    VIDEO: Behind Redding California MLK neighborhood - The New Homeless "Coon Canyon"

    What is growing in the Linden Ave. canyon behind the Martin Luther King neighborhood in Redding California ? The numbers of homeless men, women, infants, pregnant women as well as early prison release AB 109'ers. The persecution and segregation of blacks yesterday and the persecution of homeless...
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    Redding California Homeless - Handouts Do Help

    A homeless senior citizen in her 70's who often panhandles to feed herself and feed her stray animal friends, Barbara or "Catwoman" camps out in the wooded area by the Sacramento River known as the Henderson Open Space. Recently she alleges that Bob Brannon, community work program officer for...
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    Redding California Tea Party right to bear arms Second Amendment Rally

    Redding and Shasta County California Tea Party Patriots right to bear arms Second Amendment rally during an absolutely gorgeous afternoon. Over 200 people protest Obama's proposed gun restrictions during Gun Appreciation Day.
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    Why You Should NEVER Support Regulating the Public Feeding of Homeless People

    A spirit is circulating around the leaders and charities which serve the homeless and those who attempt to defend their constitutional and civil rights. They claim our giving is hurting and not helping the homeless, and instead of giving food to the homeless it would be better to give the money...
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    Jim Bigley - Prince of Pot or Cannabis Clown ?

    Just who is is this Marijuana farmer of frivolity flicking his proverbial middle finger at all Redding California law enforcement legal authority featured in the "Epic Acres Production" of the youtube video "Bigley Ranches goes BIGLEY " ? :joke: Is this nothing more than a compassionate use...
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    Un Occupy groups poping up all over

    The Un Occupy counter movement is here and growing all across California and America. Many are angry say the 99% do NOT speak for them. Concern is mounting due to Occupy Oakland calling for a total West Coast Port shutdown on Dec 12th.
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