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    California's Day of Reckoning: May 19th

    On May 19, Californians will go to the polls to decide the fate of six propositions. These propositions all deal with the tax code. Passage of all five of them are required to ratify the compromise that was hammered out by Governor Schwarzenegger and the legislature. That compromise was...
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    Anyone here have experience with buying from bankruptices from banks/lenders?

    While the economy nowadays is pretty much tanking, or in milder terms taking the turn for the worst, I am one of the few lucky people who has managed to shield himself from major damage-this does not make me incredibly wealthy-however i do have some set money aside. I'm thinking about looking...
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    Fred Thompson on understanding the economy

    YouTube - Fred Thompson on the Economy Truth to power, right?
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    Shockingly, Fox News gets it right on the economy

    Breitbart.tv Unions Pushing for $850B in Stimulus Before Obama Takes Office There is the video, and here's the story from WSJ Stimulus Package Heads Toward $850 Billion - WSJ.com Nothing like wasted taxpayer money!!!
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    My personal opinion on Obama-I thought you were new politics?

    While I believe he was a victim of a guilt by association ploy lead mostly by the right wing hysteria team, and that he is a much less reckless candidate for the oval office, it still doesn't change the fact that nearly every time Obama takes a bold, new approach to a subject, he too often...
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    OPEC considering oil rationing

    Opec considering oil rationing Yeah and peak oil is just a theory....
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    Iran stops fuel exports, stockpiles for winter

    Iran halts fuel exports, stockpiles for winter Interesting position to take.
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    Can't win the war in Afgahnistan? Blame Pakistan

    Can't win in Afghanistan? Blame Pakistan
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    I can't find any decent colleges in smaller cities

    ..i have a phobia of living in cities with more than 800,000 people I don't know why, but every time I'm in a city that has roughly more than that, I just can't seem to manage the monster size of it all.. But all the decent colleges I could ever get in to (except 2) are located in such places...
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    The Styx

    Anyone listen to them? I love their song "blue collar man" Good beat.
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    I quite enjoyed this film much like I enjoyed American Pie. Anyone else see the movie?
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    Relationship help

    ya ya...I need to vent. I don't know where to turn. I'm having some troubles. I'm am very interested in a young female who is 3 years older than I am. She's set, and is getting ready to move out (she's 19) eventually. I'm not, I'm 3 yrs younger (which-is a bit of a problem-though, not...
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    So Parents, people going back to school

    wither its your children (or child), yourself, be it college or highschool.... are you excited for the school year?
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    Iran asks Japan to pay for oil in yen, immediately

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    Nobody uses the chat room anymore??

    Well, I always enjoyed a little bit of chit chat in the chat room, but I'm rather disappointed by the lack of effort in using the room by members or using it for events. I like having it, I do, but if I am to make any suggest, could we start promoting more events that use the chat room...
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    Council on Foreign Relations energy report

    http://www.cfr.org/content/publications/attachments/EnergyTFR.pdf link here Some interesting points from the publication If I was anyone who cared about this nations energy future, I'd read this report.
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    Education in the US military

    I know the military offers an assortment of careers and educational opportunities, but aside from the strictly military applications of some training, what is the quality of education on jobs that have civilian use to? Whats the equivalent of lets say being trained as a civil engineer or...
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    Italy 1944

    If instead of the Allied forces linking up from Italy into southern France, what if the allied forces in Italy turned the other way and went into the Balkan states and up to Possibly Romania Bulgaria or the Ukraine? would the post war future been more Allied dominant instead of the sheer split...
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    College-am I too late in the game?

    Alright. So I was hit with some realization finally. My GPA and extracurricular activities have been lack luster. My GPA (if I'm lucky this quarter) will be 2.6. Its not that I'm not able to do the work at all. I just do piss poor in classes because I'm bored, and don't feel like putting the...
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    Might suffer from a mild form of ADD?

    I find it hard to motivate-or well, focus. I often put things off, and I know I do it. There are things I seriously want to do, and I never get around to doing them. I spent alot of money on hobbies I picked up on, but never perpetuated these things because I lacked motivation and the ability...
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