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    The Harm Principle

    There's no evidence of this. You can argue that marijuana causes impairment to driving ability, and you'd be right. But there is no evidence that administering Marijuana would make you drive in a situation that you would otherwise not drive in.The opposite is more likley to be true. That being...
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    (insert party name) is destroying the constitution!

    Saying an analogy is ridiculous does not make it ridiculous. I compared Rwandan Genocide to the Holocaust. If you think that analogy is ridiculous, please pick up a world history book in addition to that US history book. Your ignorant attitude toward Genocide is borderline insulting. Please...
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    (insert party name) is destroying the constitution!

    No, your posts are full of fail. If you think that most presidents regularly amend the Constitution, you need to pick up a US history book. Or, you know, actually read the Constitution. When did I say that the Constitution was untouchable? There is a very simple and clear way to modify the...
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    Ignorance on firearms and no im not talking about statistics...

    The Nuclear weapon argument is so overused these days. Nuclear Weapons are entirely indiscriminate. Small arms are not. Explosive weapons are less discriminate than small arms, so there is a philosophical and logical argument to be made about whether certain types of weapons should be banned...
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    (insert party name) is destroying the constitution!

    Presidents cannot introduce legislation. There is a huge difference between amending the Constitution and ignoring it. Please show me where George Bush or Bill Clinton amended the Constitution. Who's we? Classic bull****. Since we wouldn't have accepted what we accepted 300 years ago, we...
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    Will we ever accept weed as a social norm?

    I understand why people would not want a pilot/bus driver/whatever being high on the job, but how exactly does being high effect a waiter or chef?
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    Weed has negliable effects on driving

    Paranoia and caution are directly associated with marijuana use. I don't really see what difference it would make whether or not the caution was self imposed or biologically instigated from a public health perspective.
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    Weed has negliable effects on driving

    I want to make sure I understand your argument. If person takes substance X, and as a result impairs their reaction time by 5%, but as a result greatly improves their focus and concentration, would they be worse off? Biologically you're probably right, but if you take the psychological aspect...
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    Weed has negliable effects on driving

    Saying a study is bunk does not make it bunk. Most, of the studies to date show that experienced users who are under the influence of marijuana are to compensate fully for their impairment, unlike alcohol. No one is arguing that marijuana does not affect psychomotor abilities. But the fact that...
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    Ending 'don't ask, don't tell' would undermine religious liberty

    Dear Religious People, Please stop making non believers point out how horribly flawed your interpretations of your own book are and learn basic reading comprehension and critical thinking. There is nothing in the Bible that states homosexuality is a sin. Homosexual actions? Yes...
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    "Must accept Pre-existing Conditions" isn't insurance.

    This kind of comment really bothers me. I'm personally in favor of a public option, but the fact that there are so many people with this kind of mindset makes me hesitant of giving the government that kind of power. I'm surprised that the OP has not stuck to his main point, which was that once...
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