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    Louisiana Senate Staffer Shunned For Picture of "White" Obama

    See the full story here. What do you think? Was this email offensive or racist? Should the staffer has been suspended without pay? (As an aside, read the comments posted with the article, they are quite humorous)
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    What is the best way to pay an employee?

    Salary or by the hour? If you are paying by the hour, would that encourage people to drag out projects in an attempt to make more money? However, if you are paying salary, does that encourage people to limit their production since they are going to get paid the same amount either way? Even...
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    Is there anything we think the government cannot accomplish?

    Was reading an editorial in the WSJ by Dan Henninger that I thought was pretty good. In part, he comments: Makes you stop and think, every time something bad happens, the reaction is "where was the government?" Sub-prime lending - Why did the government allow it to happen? Katrina - Why...
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    Administration to Support Anti-Israel Resolution at UN Next Week

    What is the point of this? Is the President so concerned about world opinion that he will put it above everything else?
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    Does the US Constitution Say "Provide for the General Welfare""?

    There seems to be a whole lot of arguing the point over whether the Constitution used the language "provide" or "promote." So, without going to check, what do you think the Constitution says? Provide, promote, or both?
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    Economic Impact of Obama's Drilling Moratorium

    See the full report here.
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    IAEA Report: Iran has two bombs worth of enriched uranium

    IAEA report: While certainly this does not mean that Iran is "days" away from obtaining a weapon, in the past the IAEA has been seemingly slow to acknowledge that this is a growing danger. Ultimately, something is going to have to be done about a potential Iranian nuclear state. I am not...
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    Section 8 Housing

    I am thinking of pulling the trigger on two investment properties that I have been researching. My concern is that one of them is currently occupied (it is a double) with section 8 tenants. I have no real experience with how section 8 works, and from my research I seem to find both positive...
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    Remember How Democrats Demanded A Withdrawal Timeline in Iraq?

    While some Democrats continued to call for a time line, the vote on that issue was opposed 80-18, so clearly it was not very popular. What I find interesting is the blatant flop-flopping from certain Senators, especially Senator Levin (D-Michigan). Take a look at what he had to say about the...
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    Does a Place Like This Exist?

    So I was kicking around some ideas in my head, and was wondering if a place like this existed.. Basically, it would be a facility for law enforcement that would simulate crimes. For example, a detective could come in and look at a staged crime, and then basically practice logically putting the...
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    Yet Another "Jobs" Stimulus

    Again, as predicted, there is yet another "jobs stimulus" proposed by House Democrats... WSJ Story A few highlights: - $65 billion to prevent a 21% cut in Medicare physician reimbursements that was left out of the healthcare bill so it would look "cheaper." - $47 billion to extend unemployment...
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    Another $800 million for GM?

    Came across this story today. White House Investing $800 Million to Revive Bankrupt GM Sites. Can someone explain why the White House is going to spend $800 million for this? Since when has it been the government's job to buy and fix up old properties of bankrupt companies? When will the...
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