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    Are "isms" just an excuse

    I have no problem acknowledging that our country suffers from racism,sexism,anti-semitism and anti a whole bunch of things.Identity political and tribalism are a fact of life In America if not much of the world. Many if not most would agree life is not fair and tough to succeed. That being...
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    More Testing versus "Bending the Curve"

    By now we all have heard the experts tell us we have to shelter in place until we are able to "bend the curve". By this they mean that we show that the number of new cases has crested and is starting on a downward slope. We have also learned that the number of people who have actually been...
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    Possible Good News Regarding a Vaccine

    I came across the article below which could be very good news. Wonder if the U.S. would allow a foreign vaccine, or how long the FDA would take to approve. Israeli scientists: 'In a few weeks, we will have coronavirus vaccine' - The Jerusalem Post
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    Give Democrats What They want

    Time for CEOs especially at our biggest banks to accede to the demands of Schumer/Pelosi/Warren. They want no bailouts for corporations and our banks to be smaller. So I would suggest that if they want to be good stewards of their business it would be good to stop new lending immediately. There...
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    What Will Universal Health Care Look Like

    Nearly twelve years ago one of the keys to Obama's election was his call of what we term today as universal health care. After more than a year in congress we settled for ACA. So while it is fine for many presidential candidates to call for M4A does anyone here know what that truly means when...
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    Why a wealth tax?

    Some of you may have heard about proposals for a new tax on individuals called the "Wealth Tax". My question is why is this needed. If there are votes to pass a wealth tax aren't there votes to fix the tax system we already have in place which purports to do just that? Why not fix the loophole...
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    Problem with account

    Hi: I have a direct message from an unknown source I have been trying to delete. Also see friend request from unknown sources. Don't know if other accounts are being what looks like an attack. Thanks
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    Broken campaign Promise

    Several times I have supported actions by Trump and received the expected vitriol. This morning I listened as Trump called into CNBC. While on the call he was asked about the just announced merger of United Technologies and Raytheon. Both huge defense contractors. He was asked about cutting...
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    Is This Site and All of Us in Potential Legal Trouble

    I am not a lawyer, so am asking this of folks who are or who think they know the law around threatening a law official. I saw this thread: Thread: Can People Shoot ICE Agents? Is it possible that even posing such a question is illegal. If it is illegal would law enforcement be able to look...
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    Should the Pats trade Gronk?

    Perhaps this is nuts, but we know that the coach has moved great players a year or two before they fall apart. Gronk is a great player for the half season you get out of him. If it is the last half and he helpd in the playoffs, great if not who cares. Gronk is signed for the next several years...
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    Did Kraft just throw his coach & QB Under the bus?

    Just heard that Kraft says he accepts the penalty imposed by the league. Does this mean that he agrees at some level that not only did Brady cheat and lie to him personally? Does this imply that the coach had some knowledge if not direct involvement? I am sure that Brady and Belichick...
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    Should Belichick Retire?

    In explaining the penalty the NFL it is clear that they looked at past Patriot problems. While they said the organization had no knowledge of whatever happened to the footballs they still took away a 1st and 4th draft pick. Doubt that would have happened to any other organization. Probably would...
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    Another Munich?

    Again we have a situation with a European police force trying to rescue Jews being held by Muslim extremists. We remember how Munich turned out. Hope for the sake of the innocent women and children in the market that we don't have a similar ending here.
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    U.S. Airstrikes- Proportional?

    Does the U.S. need to consider proportionality when it comes to how many Muslims it kills as revenge for killing one of it's citizens? We have done about 100 airstrikes and are now looking to do many more in Syria and Iraq. It seems that many folks seem to think of war as a scorecard these...
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    Price for a Deserter?

    By all accounts this guy deserted his unit. People were killed looking for him. The killing of other Americans was made easier by this guy as the Taliban seemed to use this missing person to lay traps for those looking for him. It seems incredible that a President would make no distinction...
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    CNN Coming out of the Closet?

    http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/envelope/cotown/la-et-ct-cnn-zucker-ailes-20140110,0,4911673.story#axzz2q3DZDqnV"One of the things I’d like to see in CNN programming is a little bit more passion," Zucker said. Jeff Zucker who ran MSNBC for years has moved over to CNN. To date he seems to...
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    Attempted Bus Bombing [W:9]

    Police blame Palestinian militants for bus blast I know we are all shocked that Demsocialist did not post this event. Seems that there may be other reasons for peace talks breaking down than someone adding a bathroom to their house on the West Bank.
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    Are Peace Talks Dead or Not?

    I look at how the deal with Iran impacts the current peace talks and come up with two opposite scenarios. 1. Talks are dead as Israel can have zero trust in the Obama/ Kerry/ Hagel troika. Palestinians know they can show zero flexibility and still have U.S. support. 2. There will be a deal as...
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    Take the Debt Ceiling Off the Table [W:70]

    Putting aside the noise from both sides, it would seem that we should put aside the risk of not raising the debt ceiling. Everyone understands not raising the debt ceiling for more than a couple of days would lead to a huge economic mess. There has been no budget proposal I have seen that would...
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    What Happened to Jon Corzine?

    Jon Corzine was CEO of MF Global when they went out of business and seemed to have improperly handled customer funds. This caused clients of the firm to lose about $100 million due to what appears to be embezzlement. Corzine also happens to be an ex senator and governor of New Jersey. How is...
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