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  1. Stewart

    Greg Mankiw supports a carbon tax.

    I'm shocked, shocked I tell you. http://scholar.harvard.edu/files/mankiw/files/carbon_tax.pdf Among economists, it seems there is a consensus too. As there should be. In economics a carbon tax is a perfect example of a tax evening out the difference between the social and private costs.
  2. Stewart

    California Health Exchange Graphic.

    http://thehealthcareblog.com/files/2013/09/CoveredCA_HealthPlanBenefitsSummary-11.jpg Editorial Interesting, the plans sure do get expensive fast.
  3. Stewart

    It's on like Donkey Kong

    election will be on September 7. I predict an Abbott victory. I'm gonna need another avatar.
  4. Stewart

    Things to do in NYC.

    Hi. So I arrive in New York City on Sunday. I have a few days free before and after a contiki tour departing 8/2. Aside from 9/11 memorial I have barely anything booked. Suggestions welcome. I'm looking for anything, especially things that are cheap. Also things to do in my other tour cities...
  5. Stewart

    Julia Gillard Comtinues Labor slide into electoral oblivion.

    Male support for PM crashes Julia Gillard again attempted to play gender politics again today that kinda worked thanks to the idocracy of a certain shock jock. However her popularity is tanking, again. I dislike Mr Abott immensely, however the actions and incompetence of Ms Gillard and cronies...
  6. Stewart

    Custom Keyboards for Android. ##### YEAH!

    So a heads up for anyone who has a semi decent Smartphone. Check out some of the replacement keyboards for Android. Seriously they make typing so much easier. They are awesome. So what makes them so awesome? Swiping and prediction texting. Whilst most stock keyboards have predictions they are...
  7. Stewart

    Is Tony Abbott sexist?

    Labor is trying to paint him as being sexist, but I largely think its just political spin. Thoughts?
  8. Stewart

    New York Times endorses Barack Obama for 2nd term

    http://www.nytimes.com/2012/10/28/opinion/sunday/barack-obama-for-president.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0 Not sure that I agree with this. Although it's true that the editorial pages are keen on BO, I still don't like media openly endorses a candidate. I guess because it doesn't happen in Australia...
  9. Stewart

    Circumcision Subforum

    With the spring cleaning going on, I propose that there be a new sub-forum be created under Health. Currently Circumcision threads appear regularly in either Health and or Sexual Relationship Forum. Given that Circumcisions discussion tend to devolve into debate over health benefits and costs...
  10. Stewart

    Does the Wiki Game have a political bias.

    You have to link two subject matters together. I got these two subjects which I thought was pretty funny. Yeah, i'm pretty sure they are randomly generated but still. For those of you playing along at home, here's the solution.
  11. Stewart

    Conscription- Would you serve?

    I recently discovered that the USA maintains a roll of potential conscripts. This got me thinking. For the purpose of this thought experiment let us assume the USA and it's allies has gotten involved in a long, messy and very bloody battle with China over Tawian's independence. This has...
  12. Stewart

    Political Machine 2012

    This Just in, Barack Obama/ Al Gore defeats Romney/Portman. Interestingly Obama wins Texas? It's a pretty fun game. Very Up to date, they releasted an update that included Chick Fill A among other things. Florida was pretty close, unfortunately Presiden Obama favouring tax cuts didn't sit...
  13. Stewart

    New Health Exchange Map, now with more interactivity and extra fibre.

    From the commonwealth fund State Action to Establish Health Insurance Exchanges, commonwealthfund.org Still alot of state sitting on their collective asses, seeing which way the wind will blow.
  14. Stewart

    Your Post/day count.

    What is everyone's posts per day count. Mine is rather pathetic 2.17/day. I don't post much, clearly.
  15. Stewart

    Limit size of font in signatures

    I suggest that a limiting font sized be placed on signatures. Some people have large and obtrusive signatures in overly large/bolded text. It is my firm belief that this disrupts the user and interrupts with the flow of a debate. Given the mode of one lined responses the same signature can be...
  16. Stewart

    An all too common story?

    I came across this article in the NYT the other day: An Infection, Unnoticed, Turns Unstoppable What alarms me the most, is the comments that all seem to start with "'m an ER DR" and always seem to dismiss the fact that he was sent home without labs confirmation as "normal" and if they held...
  17. Stewart

    Hey guys can we not call it single payer?

    This is a real bugbear for me. It's a nit-pick, but it's really, really, really really irks me. Supporters of reform often say that they want a 'single-payer' system. But calling it 'single payer' is a loaded word, like 'socialized medicine.' and actually non correct. Single-payer implies an...
  18. Stewart

    DP Congress now in session. A new Healthcare Law?

    With so much distaste being expressed for the PPACA (Obamacare,) I challenge the enlightened and interested members of DP to come together and debate in fair terms the next steps for Healthcare Reform. Obamacare has been repealed in it's entirety, it's gone. Completely obliterated. It is up to...
  19. Stewart

    A humbling moment for me about obamacare

    As some of you may be aware, I am pretty interested in healthcare reform. For my study at ANU I have been working on an analysis of PPACA and it's impacts. TBH, it's a pretty gruelling criticism of both US Healthcare and the current law otherwise known as Obamacare. It's not for the faint...
  20. Stewart

    Is Price Gouging Illegal? Immoral - LearnLiberty

    I saw this just now. Is Price Gouging Immoral? Should It Be Illegal? - YouTube What are your thoughts, do you agree or disagree with the makers of this video?
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