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  1. The Giant Noodle

    Ezekiel 38 - And the end

    Im not going to copy and paste it. Google it. Its goes on for a good run. Is THIS the time? It basically says the Russians will hook up with the Muslims and from there get friendly with the Chinese and THEN kick our American tails to the curb. Anyone else have different interpretations...
  2. The Giant Noodle

    Cat Shark Duck Dog Roomba Drama!!!!

    Ladies and Gentlemen..... ENJOY!! :2wave:
  3. The Giant Noodle

    Microsoft to Dump Windows 8

    There has been talk all over, in legit publications for the past 2 months, that Windows will dump Window 8 (thank God) in favor for something called Windows Blue. It will drop the new (and hated by most) Metro interface and finally return to a Windows 7 interface! I am thrilled they are finally...
  4. The Giant Noodle

    Now THIS is Funny!

    God I love these hosts! Here they are interviewing Ryan Lochte who it seems is not exactly a bright bulb. :lol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=jSo6HMG2btQ
  5. The Giant Noodle

    7 ways to bring back the PC: Fix or dump Windows 8

    Its ALMOST Official. Windows 8 is dead. http://www.nbcnews.com/technology/gadgetbox/7-ways-bring-back-pc-1C9319686
  6. The Giant Noodle


    They may win. But probably lose. CUBS SUCK.
  7. The Giant Noodle

    Police Unions Try to Block GPS Tracking Their Car

    This says it all :roll: Primarily, he said, the union does not want it used as a disciplinary tool and that the data not be stored. "There is already a system of checks and balances for that," said Moriarty. Read more: Lowell paying $230 a month but police GPS units still not activated -...
  8. The Giant Noodle

    A Visual History of the Vibrator

    :prof It’s rumored that Samuel Clemens himself used this early model. Resembling a hand mixer, the Arnold Massager was advertised as a facial exfoliator to preserve a perpetual youth... Orgasms will do that! :) ENJOY! Hysterical Women: A Visual History of the Vibrator | Nerve.com
  9. The Giant Noodle

    Shatner Talks Wine!

    Yea.... Kirk. Denny Crane! He talks wine with someone that has no idea OF wine! Check it out :)
  10. The Giant Noodle

    China's 'leftover women', unmarried at 27

    This is just unreal. Their 'culture' feels that a 27+ woman is leftover. Its sad, disgusting and..... to ME depressing. :2no4: BBC News - China's 'leftover women', unmarried at 27
  11. The Giant Noodle

    Philadelphia elementary school ditches desk chairs for yoga balls

    :thinking Better than tennis balls I suppose. Read more: Philadelphia elementary school ditches desk chairs for yoga balls - Washington Times Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter
  12. The Giant Noodle

    Drew Peterson sentenced to 38 years for wife's death

    This is a FANTASTIC day! Im not sure most people know how evil this man is. He has killed TWICE. Gotten away with one because of no body and no evidence. Finally he is in jail and I hope and pray the familes that have suffered soooooo long can now have some closure. Drew Peterson sentenced to...
  13. The Giant Noodle

    Least Sexy Hollywood Actresses

    I am not in agreement with the order of this list but thats why there are surveys I suppose. :shrug: Who would YOU put on the top 3 of your list? Read more: Kristen Stewart voted least sexy actress in poll | Mail Online Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
  14. The Giant Noodle

    Financial emergency: Detroit unable to fix budget woes

    And it seems to be all about pensions. Why do we still have pensions!? Every single working American should have ONE option. Social Security. This pension crap is choking the financial properity of many States and it needs to stop! No pensions! It would stregthen Social Security and let States...
  15. The Giant Noodle

    Shy Boy and his Friend Shock the Audience

    This is just amazing. I actually had some sort of moisture eminating from a eyeball. This is just beautiful. :)
  16. The Giant Noodle

    Girl Living With Half Her Brain

    After many months of questions.....
  17. The Giant Noodle

    How Love Works

    Thake THAT Ventral Mechnentral area!
  18. The Giant Noodle

    How to Stir-Fry w/ Video

    As many times as I tried this I usually end up braising my meal because I have too much water and I crowd the pan too much... plus I dont have an actual wok. Take a look at the wrong AND right way to do it :) How to Prevent Sticky, Crusty Lids - Videos - CHOW
  19. The Giant Noodle

    Mindy McCready: Dead of Apparent Suicide

    Very very sad :( Read more: http://www.tmz.com#ixzz2LDSRxbzy
  20. The Giant Noodle

    Scientists clear passengers to fart on flights

    Nope..... not making this up! :) Scientists clear passengers to fart on flights - Weird News - Canoe.ca
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