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  1. Crunch

    Two Major Conservative Obstacles Emerge To Tax Cut Compromise

    Ever hear that old saying "what goes around comes around"? Barry and the Dims cut the Republicans out of all legislation for the past 2 years..... that was the dims idea of compromise.... now it's coming back to butt **** them, as it should. The Republicans screwed the pooch big time by giving...
  2. Crunch

    Obama's Democrats in disarray over expiring tax cuts

    That's because he has all the money in the world and doesn't want good health care.... :roll:
  3. Crunch

    Citizenship vs. Constitution

    Allowing someone to benefit from breaking our laws are by its self enough for me.... but in these economic times American citizens would benefit from the expulsion of all Illegal Aliens. Then let them stand in line with all of the other Law abiding Aliens and apply to come here under our laws...
  4. Crunch

    Judge allows states' healthcare suit to proceed

    Come back and talk about the ballot after November 3rd.
  5. Crunch

    Soros: I Can’t Stop a Republican ‘Avalanche’

    So you think all of the present federal health care reform employees will come to work even if they won't have a paycheck at the end of the week? Where does the money come from for lights, water, and sewer for all of those federal health care reform office buildings? Where will the money come...
  6. Crunch

    Soros: I Can’t Stop a Republican ‘Avalanche’

    Can you tell me where all of the funding for health care reform has to originate? ( The United States Constitution - The U.S. Constitution Online - USConstitution.net ) What would happen to health care reform if there was no funds to implement the bureaucracy that would support the change...
  7. Crunch

    GOP candidate to Obama: 'Go to hell'

    Meet Sarah "Barracuda" Palin - Horserace - CBS News She'd kick his skinny ass no matter what they dueled with.
  8. Crunch

    Paladino Confronts Journalist: 'I'll Take You Out, Buddy!' (VIDEO)

    Not if he did it to one of mine...... he'd have to get someone without broken elbows to do it for him. :mrgreen:
  9. Crunch

    US scientists find potentially habitable planet near Earth

    Sure I'm a capitalist....... I just don't like people to profit from fraud at my expense, do you?
  10. Crunch

    US scientists find potentially habitable planet near Earth

    No......... a conservative would recognize it as a normal condition of nature and not try to make it a political football controllable by increased federal taxes and regulation. Oh..... and we wouldn't try to get rich off the hoax either. :roll:
  11. Crunch

    good for her. old lady shoots punk kid

    If the screw head is stripped a hammer is the only other alternative if you really need to drive the screw. She did call the police, they had just left and the kid started in again..... read the whole thread and you might know all of the available facts.
  12. Crunch

    US scientists find potentially habitable planet near Earth

    There is no call for you to start with the insulting "old folks jokes". :mrgreen:
  13. Crunch

    good for her. old lady shoots punk kid

    How about aggravated assault of the elderly? Do you have any idea of how easy it is to break the bones of someone 80 years old?..... of how long it takes to heal those old bones?..... of how often old folks die from just a broken hip? That brat hit the lady in the chest with a thrown brick...
  14. Crunch

    good for her. old lady shoots punk kid

    You are not paying attention...... Rev already posted quotes that the cops did charge the brat with aggravated assault...... game over. :shrug:
  15. Crunch

    good for her. old lady shoots punk kid

    You are doomed when Crunch, ReverendHellh0und thank you. :mrgreen:
  16. Crunch

    US scientists find potentially habitable planet near Earth

    That's all well and good, but what are you going to do in 30 billion years when the heat death of the Universe happens? (universal climate change?...... don't tell the libs, they'll want to start taxing us now!)
  17. Crunch

    National Press Club: UFO Incursions at Nuclear Bases Confirmed

    A lot of the UFO reports out of Groom Lake and the rest of Area 51 were the SR-71's, F-117's and more recently the Aurora project aircraft. Just because the aircraft isn't identifiable doesn't mean it's an Alien spacecraft.
  18. Crunch

    good for her. old lady shoots punk kid

    And of course she couldn't have been telling a little white lie about that could she? Think about it..... she just shot a kid, the cops were there, and she said she didn't mean to hit him. Yet she did....... just by accident...... or not.
  19. Crunch

    US scientists find potentially habitable planet near Earth

    According to the article the planet masses 3 to 4 times the Earth but is only just slightly larger (1.2 to 1.4 Earth diameter). It also says that the gravity is the same or only slightly higher. When I went to school a planet with the same diameter as Earth but with a mass 3 to 4 times Earth...
  20. Crunch

    Wikileaks to Pentagon -- Nice Try, 'Nazis'

    And most likely in it's second printing….. soon to come out in paperback. :lamo
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