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  1. JohnWOlin

    Trump Will Not Pursue Clinton Investigations

    So I saw this on Morning Joe today, and already found a link for it. Kelly Ann goes into detail about it while visiting Morning Joe as well. BREAKING: Trump Will Not Pursue Clinton Investigations; She’s ‘Been Through Enough’ | Mediaite So there goes one of his selling points.
  2. JohnWOlin

    Future of the Democratic Party

    I am just curious as to what more left leaning or democrats in here think the leadership should be. So far I'm a firm believer in carrying out an Order 66 style slate clean. A Star Wars Episode 3 reference if you're wondering. ;) Anyways here is who I believe should be in charge of the party as...
  3. JohnWOlin

    Post your "election command center"

    So yeah this is how Im gonna do stuff or the next two days since Im off of work lol. Anyone else doing anything "special" to keep track?
  4. JohnWOlin

    Who "Won" E3 2015 and Why?

    Because this is a current event and because it can get political in nature I have put this here. While I am an Xbox guy I chose that Sony "won" E3 simply because of their great ability to pander to their audience. The Last Guardian is a PS3 title coming to PS4 that should have released on well...
  5. JohnWOlin

    Girl asks me to church, interest in me or thinks I need Jesus?

    So the playground in my apartment complex I've been seeing the same girl there with her daughter while Im there with my daughter. We talk a lot, and the other day she asked if me and my daughter would want to go to church with her and if my daughter couldn't (if she was with her mom at the time)...
  6. JohnWOlin

    For or against the Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement?

    Just as the title says. I for one am for it because of what it could potentially mean for import of American autos to countries such as South Korea and Japan.
  7. JohnWOlin

    The GOP attack on climate change science takes a big step forward

    Full article here. Just some bits I found interesting: I think if you believe in facts and science, or believe that angels are real like a child believes in Santa Claus, we can all agree that research into severe weather is needed. And NASA I believe is overall very important to us as a...
  8. JohnWOlin

    How every company in America can save 23% on wages

    Hire women: Full article here. Of course it is supposed to be humorous but he links all of his sources. I've always rolled my eyes at this statistic and this goes into decent detail about it.
  9. JohnWOlin

    Is Cyberbullying real?

    So apparently a trans-gender game modder killer him/herself by jumping off a bridge due to people urging him/her to do so thinking that it was all a big ploy to get more attention to their mods. I honestly rolled my eyes at it. It's always bad when someone dies, commits suicide but c'mon...
  10. JohnWOlin

    Making more money, claiming as single with one dependent now what does that mean?

    So I am going to be claiming as single at my new job with one dependent. I think in terms of Kentucky taxes I will pay the top rate, KY always screws me even when I was married. Federally though, my bracket hasn't changed it's the 25% bracket but I know it won't actually be that top rate. What...
  11. JohnWOlin

    Rand Paul's Tweets were Awesome Today!

    I got a little chuckle out of quite a few of them. You can check them out here. By the end of his Festivus and airing grievances stuff, I ended up tweeting this back at him. In all seriousness though, despite being Democrat, Ron's my guy this next election.
  12. JohnWOlin

    What Social Web Services/ blog services do you use?

    I am gathering data from various forums and communities for an app I am developing. How do you use these services? How does your usage of one differ from the other? Thanks!
  13. JohnWOlin

    The two biggest tax lies going on at my work right now.

    So I live in Kentucky, which overwhelmingly voted Romney; more so than Texas and South Carolina. I'm not sure if conservative media plays a part but here are the two biggest lies: -Obama raised taxes and never lowered them. In reality, the 1.8% they are getting taken away is a phased out tax...
  14. JohnWOlin

    What class do you fall under and what is your political affiliation?

    First, refer to this image: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/e/e5/Class_US.svg I am democrat, voted for Obama, I fall under lower middle class smack dab in the middle of it making my situation better than roughly 54% of Americans.
  15. JohnWOlin

    2012 Presidential Election Statistics

    Voting By Sex, Age, Race, Money, And Education - Business Insider Thought it was a neat read.
  16. JohnWOlin

    Someone stole my Obama Biden sign.

    Not sure where to put this so please move if it isn't appropriate here. So me and my daughter walked downtown to watch the Veterans Day parade. After getting copious amounts of candy we walked back up, I laid her down for her nap, cleaned the house and took out the trash. A soldier that lives...
  17. JohnWOlin

    Rush Limbaugh--Obama's Secret Weapon [W:25]

    Obama's Secret Weapon (Rush Limbaugh) Urges the GOP to Stay White Thoughts?
  18. JohnWOlin

    If you can afford alcohol, drugs, iPhone etc you shouldn't get entitlements

    I see this one often and I actually totally agree and do in fact agree that you shouldn't be able to get welfare, food stamps, section 8, etc. If someone has images that say this please post. Thoughts?
  19. JohnWOlin

    New Morgan Freeman Obama Ad

    Challenges - Obama for America TV Ad - YouTube Simple and down to the point.
  20. JohnWOlin

    Romney has no plan to lower the deficit he just says he does.

    Voters Give Romney Advantage on the Deficit - NYTimes.com Thoughts?
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