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  1. Demon of Light

    About the American establishment's morality.

    This is prompted by a question I asked in another thread regarding 9/11. My question to anyone reading this is: do you think there are elements of the American establishment morally capable of carrying out the kind of conspiracies commonly discussed here? You can point to individual conspiracy...
  2. Demon of Light

    Head of top Chinese copper smelter commits suicide due to stress - company

    Source: Reuters Natch, there is speculation that this is connected to the investigation of widespread fraud in metal-backed financing. If it turns out that some high-level firms were engaged in such fraud then the whole thing could unwind and it would cause a lot of havoc in the broader...
  3. Demon of Light

    Central banks shift into shares as low rates hit revenues

    Source: Financial Times The Fed is not mentioned, but it can safely be presumed they are one of the other major buyers. Your "recovery" ladies and gentlemen.
  4. Demon of Light

    Citic Seeks to Secure Metal in Chinese Port of Qingdao

    Source: The Wall Street Journal I have been reading about this for the last few months as it seems a lot of the financing in China is being backed by various commodities likes metals and soy. Reports have indicated for a while that in some cases the collateral backing a loan has been sold and...
  5. Demon of Light

    Thailand army declares martial law

    Source: BBC News Of course, the military is declaring that this is not a coup and suggests they are not taking sides, but history suggests they will zealously back the Bangkok elites over the Thaksin loyalists. This is likely connected to the move by the predominantly unelected Senate to depose...
  6. Demon of Light

    UN officials urge UNSC to act now before Rwanda-style genocide occurs in South Sudan

    Source: Kuwait News Agency Given that the Great White West is currently grappling with the prospect of a white war in Ukraine, the potential for any meaningful action on their part is minimal. Hopefully, the African Union can effectively take care of its continent's own problems.
  7. Demon of Light

    In wealthy Chinese city, debt guarantees spark default contagion

    Source: Reuters This is yet another example of the kind of headwinds being faced by the Chinese economy this year. Of course, everyone is still foolishly talking about economic recovery in the States and Europe.
  8. Demon of Light

    Thailand Prepares for Civil War as Bangkok Grows More Menacing

    Source: Vice News The leader of the main opposition party is warning of the risks and emphasizing the need to prevent civil war, but it is not clear if that will be enough. Attempts to remove the current Prime Minister through a politicized court battle, akin to several previous ones that have...
  9. Demon of Light

    China Property Collapse Has Begun

    Source: Forbes Here is another article with a few key points about this: Source: The Wall Street Journal The much-feared Chinese recession seems to be looming ominously on the horizon. With all of the underlying economic weakness throughout the world, this one looks like it is gonna hurt.
  10. Demon of Light

    Ukraine far-right leader Muzychko dies 'in police raid'

    Source: BBC News The government is apparently claiming he committed suicide, though the Right Sector founder Dmytro Yarosh is having none of that and calling for the Interior Minister to resign and the police units involved to be arrested. Apparently, in the face of all the threats of...
  11. Demon of Light

    China Faces ‘Mini Crisis’ on Debt Defaults, Ex-PBOC Adviser Says

    Source: Bloomberg At the same time there are reports of a few minor bank runs in one area of China. This is all coming in the wake of several unrescued defaults among Chinese businesses. While such defaults are currently in line with Chinese efforts at reforming their economy by allowing these...
  12. Demon of Light

    Taiwan police use water cannon to retake government HQ

    Source: AFP Of course, if these kids knew any better, they would avoid such provocations. The greater the risk they pose to the functioning of the government, the greater the chances of violence and thus the greater the chance of giving China an "in" to finally retake the island. At that point...
  13. Demon of Light

    Venice votes for independence in unofficial poll

    Source: EU Observer I expect more of this in time. We already have Catalonia and Scotland moving for independence as well. Seems all it will take is a little push before Europe starts to break up under the weight of its economic malaise and intrusive governments.
  14. Demon of Light

    Two killed in Crimea as crisis hits 'military stage'

    Source: AFP So an otherwise peaceful stand-off became bloody after snipers shot at both sides, thus escalating the situation uncontrollably. Is that not what happened in Kiev? Wonder if there is a connection . . .
  15. Demon of Light

    Deal on Ukraine elusive on Hill

    Source: Politico :dohOf course, this piece of legislation being passed quickly is probably the only thing that matters on Ukraine at the moment and it seems the politicians are still incapable of getting it done. Ukraine's survival as a state is poised to be the victim of American partisan...
  16. Demon of Light

    Russia Slams Violation of Media Freedoms in Ukraine

    Source: RIA Novosti It seems the OSCE is echoing Russia's concerns. The Kiev government is going to create more problems for itself than necessary in the east and south if it keeps this up.
  17. Demon of Light

    Republican Louisiana convention shenanigans

    Source: Examiner Basically, when Ron Paul supporters voted to remove the chair by an overwhelming majority, a bunch of party establishment cronies got the police to arrest the new chair and the old chair proceeded to choose the delegates in a convention consisting of one-third of the elected...
  18. Demon of Light

    Shades of the Six-Day War?

    Source: Haaretz This immediately struck me as reminiscent of the wartime government formed before Israel launched its "pre-emptive" war on Egypt. It seems there has been speculation that Sarkozy's defeat has increased the chances of a unilateral strike by Israel.
  19. Demon of Light

    Paul supporters dominate Maine and Nevada GOP conventions

    Source: Bangor Daily News Source: Carson Now Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal Let's see how many states is that now? Of course, the party establishment puppets are bearing their teeth and basically saying they will not allow these votes to stand. Funny, I think if the results had been...
  20. Demon of Light

    Blowback from Libya as Mali facing collapse

    Source: The Christian Science Monitor As it stands northern Mali, also called Azawad, is essentially under the control of rebels and there is not only a fracture between the southern junta and supporters of the deposed government, but a fracture between the rebels as Islamist rebels who fought...
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