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  1. Hicup

    Has Tulsi out smarted them all?

    I think even the dimwits on TV and the pundits will have to eventually admit what's going on with Biden is not good, any way you slice it, and I believe it's the reason Obama has not endorsed him yet. All the other candidates dropped out with sweatheart deals, (not that they would ever come to...
  2. Hicup

    The precedent this whole mess of an impeachment has set is tantalizing..

    Think about what the dimwits have done here. Hypothetically speaking, say Congress approves a bill and it passes both houses, but the sitting President veto's the Bill. If the house is controlled by the opposition party, they can file articles of impeachment for "obstruction of Congress", no...
  3. Hicup

    Texas to allow guns in schools and churches.. LONG overdue!

    Texas gun laws: Weapons will be allowed in churches and on school grounds Solution to cowards targeting gun-free zones, answer, get rid of gun-free zones! There, no more mass shootings, problem solved! GOP - You're welcome! Tim-
  4. Hicup

    Facebook could settle this in a heartbeat!

    Think about it, if we really wanted to know, or have a pretty good idea of just how many people support Trump or not, Facebook probably already has this information. They know, for example, how many people like french fries, or how many like cats and dogs, or how many support LGBT rights, or...
  5. Hicup

    Ivanka, or Don Jr. in 2024??

    Buckle up dimwits because this is who you're going up against in 2024. Of course, just a prediction, but I've got a good track record on these. Plus, who in the GOP can beat any of these two? I also think Trump was serious about "Making America Great Again", and thinks he's doing just fine so...
  6. Hicup

    I wonder if Alinsky ever contemplated someone like Trump when writing his "rules for radicals"?

    I wonder if Alinsky ever contemplated someone like Trump when writing his "rules for radicals"? The dimwits have been using his hand book for literally 25 years, and quite effectively. One of my biggest criticisms of the GOP and why I've never been inclined to register or support them, is...
  7. Hicup

    NY Democrat says he's supporting GOP unltil the Dems start acting like democrats again

    New York Dem Rebukes Schumer, Pledges to Vote GOP Until Party Returns to 'Sanity' Pretty big rebuke of the leftward tilt the dimwits have taken of late. Tim-
  8. Hicup

    Surely the current dems surrogates understand the monumental challange facing them?

    FLASHBACK Circa 2007: Obama V. Hillary. Both against gay marriage Both anti-illegal immigration Both for overhauling healthcare - Different approaches but more or less the same Both had the advantage of a crumbling housing bubble and stagnant Bush economy. Both had the Iraq and Afghan wars to...
  9. Hicup

    Who has the wining message among independents?

    I thought I'd give it a go, and try my best to keep an open mind on the issues and how I anecdotally see them within the confines of my sphere of influence. 1. Ilegal immigration - GOP I think is winning this one. 2. Healthcare - I think for now the democrats are wining but only because the...
  10. Hicup

    Nancy Pelosi: Glass of Water Could Take Districts Like the one AOC won

    Nancy Pelosi: Glass of Water Could Take Districts Like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's—'That's Not Where We Have to Win the Election' Oh boy... Shade, perhaps? Tim-[/I][/COLOR][/LEFT][/FONT] [/FONT][/COLOR][/LEFT]
  11. Hicup

    Trump political instincts are impressive.. More so than I thought

    I think, anyone that at least follows politics and appreciates the history and theory can admit that Trump is either really freaking lucky, or he is a mastermind politician. I'm of the opinion that he gets it right way more than he gets it wrong, so I'm going with the latter. That said, I think...
  12. Hicup

    Something very weird is going to happen to the Dems leading up to the nomination

    I've been thinking about this a lot, and it kind of happened to the Republican's in 2016, but it's going to be much worse for the Dems in 2020, and that is, prominent Democrats will be forced to back their horse way earlier than traditional conventional wisdom suggests. I wonder what effect...
  13. Hicup

    Trumps poll numbers increase 19 points in a place you wouldn't expect

    Wow, wasn't expecting that, anyone else? Link: https://www.mediaite.com/trump/shock-poll-trump-gains-19-points-with-latino-voters-during-border-wall-shutdown/?fbclid=IwAR35kAZOrVdKlswtg46mBY4Khjv92ISedVATEKZbESpfmjetK7W72d21nog Tim-
  14. Hicup

    Lets put this into some perspective..

    435 seats in the house. 100 seats in the senate. Dems picked up 29 seats, or roughly 8.5% of the House. GOP picked up 4 seats, or roughly 4% of the Senate Dems now control 230 seats in the House, or roughly 51.5% of the majority. GOP now control 54 seats in the Senate, or 54% of the majority...
  15. Hicup

    White privilege - How is it different to Western, or American Privilege?

    I mean, if white can be privileged in the US, compared to other ethnicities, then doesn't that logic extend to American privilege, or Western privilege, contrasted to other nations? So, it follows that, even if it were possible to convince enough white people to hate themselves, and curb this...
  16. Hicup

    New Amsterdam and Manifest..

    I like both shows so far, but New Amsterdam's last episode got politcal, which I tend to despise. I go to TV to escape the burdens of today, not relive them, and I wish more shows would avoid being political.. In any event I plan to keep watching it, as I like the characters so far. Manifest...
  17. Hicup

    Jewish Ghetto Policeman - Are Black commentators of today synonymous with them?

    Anyone who is a student of history knows that the Nazi's had a lot of help from Jewish leaders, and subservents, in leading many Eurpean Jews to slaughter. They called them the "Ghetto Policeman", in Warsaw, as an example. When I see black commentators ridicule fellow blacks who speak out...
  18. Hicup

    For the 1st time in my adult life I'm voting moderate Republican - Open letter to Democrats

    This from one of my Jewish Friends here in Rochester, NY. [B] Part II to follow:
  19. Hicup

    Using the Commerce Clause to regulate the "Information Highway"..

    So, I've been reading decisions over the commerce clause, and it goes way back, but, I see no reason why the US Government cannot regulate the big tech companies on the fair and neutral flow of information, much like it does with our own highways.. No one is allowed to discriminate, in housing...
  20. Hicup

    Question fo Democrats about 2020

    Hi all, Was hoping to have a reasonable none Trump conversation about who you personally would like to see run against him in 2020. I was looking over the usual suspects and maybe I'm somewhat biased, but I honestly don't think any of them would stand a chance, especially if the economy and...
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