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  1. Hicup

    Are ‘shy Trump supporters’ skewing polls again?

    Are you being intentionally obtuse? I haven't been on this site in over 3 months and I come back, and it's the same tired old players.. Tim-
  2. Hicup

    Are ‘shy Trump supporters’ skewing polls again?

    Oh, so like the 10 point lead she had in PA, the 6 point lead she had in WI, or the 3 point lead she had in OH, and FL, you mean those polls? Baloney! Most pollsters had hitlery leading by significant margins in all the swing states, and even had her winning slightly in some red states.. Give...
  3. Hicup

    If you don't like the government why do you proudly fly the flag that represents their authority?

    I've given you all I'm allotted to give you for the day. Sorry, go find someone else to troll. Tim-
  4. Hicup

    Here is what is so disgusting about the democrats and the MSM

    You can't get the medicine without a doctor, ya know, an actual doc. So, yeah, the experts were in charge of the medicine all along. Face it, Trump, and his instincts are uncanny, and that pisses the left off like nothing else. Tim-
  5. Hicup

    If you don't like the government why do you proudly fly the flag that represents their authority?

    Is there something wrong with you? What a bizarre understanding of what the flag represents. Jesus, where do you people come from? Tim-
  6. Hicup

    The newest voter suppression tactic by the GOP and Trump!!

    I think the OP means that the dimwits are getting antsy that the GOP are finally cleaning up illegal voting, that, of course translates to voter suppression, in their minds. :) Tim-
  7. Hicup

    Who will Biden pick as his VP? My Analysis

    Biden won't be picking anyone. THAT decision isn't his; sure it will be him who announces it, BUT it won't be him making the correct choice. At this point, Biden is the Greek husband from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". He'll be made to think it's his choice, but it really wasn't all along. ;)...
  8. Hicup

    Which of you Conservatives/Republicans will take a CentGov handout?

    Considering I pay to the Feds about 46K a year in taxes, yeah, I'll take whatever they send my way, BUT my understanding is that I don't qualify, which, if the true nature of the bailout of the peeps is accurate, then it makes sense. Meaning, I'm responsible, I have money, I invested well, and...
  9. Hicup

    Excellent article dispelling myths about the novel coronavirus

    China has 1.6 Billion people and has infected as far as we know about 118,000 people. And it's slowing.. LiveScience isn't a great spot for real science news, they are journalists, and we all know journalists aren't particularly good at interpreting the science into news. Tim-
  10. Hicup

    How testing failures allowed coronavirus to sweep the U.S.

    Yeah ok, so get tested, clear negative then go to the mall.. LOL Gullible much! Tim-
  11. Hicup

    How testing failures allowed coronavirus to sweep the U.S.

    It's a strange disease actually. It doesn't seem to kill children, and that, as virology goes, is weird. So, there is something to the immunity factor. Stop blaming Trump, he's listening to the "experts" like you were all hoping he would do, and now when he quotes the experts, he's lying...
  12. Hicup

    How testing failures allowed coronavirus to sweep the U.S.

    Yes he is... He's not infallible ya know. Banning European travel and Chinese travel are precautions and good ones. This virus will kill a lot of older American's, we care about them as well. The rest of us will be fine. Tim-
  13. Hicup

    How testing failures allowed coronavirus to sweep the U.S.

    Most people that get this, will not even know it, they will not even have symptoms. It's hype, and you've been duped by an all too willing media, and political establishment! The CDC is chalk full of Obama leftovers.. Follow the politics, and the money, and who stands to gain from this...
  14. Hicup

    Joe Biden Word Salad Bar: Now With Coronavirus Resistant Sneezeguard

    The speculators make money in a down market just as much as they do in an up market. Lesson, they make money either way. The sectors that are down are the ones that SHOULD be down due to rightly speculating that those sectors will see markedly lower volumes. Well, duh.. If you're in the...
  15. Hicup

    How testing failures allowed coronavirus to sweep the U.S.

    The spread has nothing to do with the "testing kits".. That's a political narrative, consider yourself duped. Tim-
  16. Hicup

    Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, both test positive for COVID-19

    Who cares.. I like his movies though. :) Tim-
  17. Hicup

    Are Democrats Right To Oppose *Temporary* Payroll Tax Cuts As Front-End Social Security Defunding?

    So apt in today's panicking world. Why we should always be skeptical of the one's in charge! Tim-
  18. Hicup

    Reality is painful

    This is why people like you need to be ignored. You clearly do NOT understand efficacy.. MOST people that contract this virus won't even know it, let alone report it. try another avenue of approach. Tim-
  19. Hicup

    The Conservative Reaction To The Coronavirus Panic Explains Their Great Social Value

    Trump is a democrat; just a democrat form 20 years ago, perhaps that's why you don't recognize him.. ;) Tim-
  20. Hicup

    Biden needs to pick an exceptional VP or he will lose to Trump

    Not among conservatives republicans and independents. She was a rock star, a true conservative unlike McCain. Granted the MSM killed her, but that's when they held all the power. 12 years later, the internet has taken their power away. Tim-
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