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  1. bub

    A ME rule should be changed

    I appreciate the efforts made by the moderation team in the M/E forum, and I support harsh rules in this part of the forum because I think it is the only way to moderate it. However, I think that we should remember the purpose of the rules (make debate possible): in certain cases, a rule can be...
  2. bub

    The Iranian threat

    What was David Broder smoking? | Stephen M. Walt While Iran may not (and should not, it is a dictatorship, like Saudi Arabia) be a friendly ally, pretending that it is a major threat is nothing more than scapegoating.
  3. bub

    Beyond Obama

    I've been given a small book with texts from Howard Zinn. The texts are called "beyond Obama" "law and justice" and "failure to quit". I've only started reading "law and justice", and I was a bit sceptical at the begining but now I really enjoy reading it, it's easy to read and it has many...
  4. bub

    Private debate

    I'd like to debate and try to find a kind of "ME peace agreement" that would be acceptable by both me and Apocalypse. I think he agreed about that, we'll do it when he has some free time. Would it be possible to create a thread where only me and him (and the mods) can post? I also proposed to...
  5. bub

    Belgian senator wants to castrate priests with 2 bricks

    Lalibre.be - Jean-Marie Dedecker veut "castrer" Vangheluwe "avec deux briques" There are also scandals about pedophile priests in Belgium, and there's an inquiry about the bishop Vangheluwe, who appears to have abused his nephew during several years and then paid for his silence, and the church...
  6. bub

    Who is this guy?’ ‘He is the prime minister of Belgium'

    Tony Blair: George Bush did not recognise Belgian prime minister - Telegraph :lol::lol::lol:
  7. bub


    Now, islamist women are allowed to drive. But the car must be covered by a burqa.
  8. bub

    Netanyahu's preconditions

    Bibi explained today his conditions for an agreement with the Palestinians (recognition of Israel etc...). While I understand what he claims, I don't really see the difference between what he said, and Abbas' so-called scandalous "pre-conditions" that made negociations "impossible", it is really...
  9. bub

    G'day class, today we're going to plot a terrorist attack in Australia

    G'day class, today we're going to plot a terrorist attack in Australia | World news | The Guardian Wow :lol: The teacher chose a wrong topic but at least he encourages creativity!
  10. bub

    What are you watching to?

    What are you watching to besides nakes pics of me? I watched "funny games US" yesterday, it was a great movie! The scenario is really surprising, a bit scary sometimes, good actors and even some funny moments!
  11. bub

    "that" ?

    A friend of mine has to pass an English exam in a few days, and he asked me if he has to use "that" after the verb "to tell". For example: "I told him (that) I have to go" I don't think the "that" is necessary, but are there some cases where it is needed?
  12. bub

    A train lays its own track

    That's really impressive! YouTube - Werktrein in Overpelt.wmv
  13. bub

    Deadlock in negociations in Belgium

    Lalibre.be - Ce que la N-VA met sur la table de Di Rupo The elections that took place in mid-June have shown the widening gap between Wallonia (where socialists are the major political force) and Flanders (where the N-VA, right-wing nationalists, got an overwhelming victory). So, the two major...
  14. bub

    Ideas for the martial law

    I think the martial law could be amended and follows guidelines that are used to keep debates civil at Parliaments: Like in certain Parliaments, it could be forbidden (with a thread ban as sanction) - to suggest that a poster is dishonest or is lying. - some words could be forbidden...
  15. bub

    Computer problem

    I'd like to sell my old laptop but before doing that I have to fix a problem with it: when I'm on the desktop and try to open a folder, a new window pops up and automatically tries to install something (called "search settings 1.1") I can click on "cancel" and it stops, but it's rather...
  16. bub

    Palestinian who lied about his religion sentenced to 18 months in jail

    7s7 Canal Infos - Un violeur palestinien se faisait passer pour un juif (1135445) Le Figaro - Flash Actu : Condamn pour viol pour fausse identit A palestinian from occupied East Jerusalem who had sex with a Jewish woman while pretending he was also Jewish, was sentenced and will spend one year...
  17. bub

    I am from Belgium. Give me your nuclear secrets

    http://www.nytimes.com/2010/06/30/nyregion/30suspects.html Spy accents: I am from Belgium. Give me your nuclear secrets | The Economist Now you know who I am :lol:
  18. bub

    Parker's crossroads: The alamo defense

    Baraque Fraiture is the name of one of the highest hamlets in Belgium. It is crossed by two highways, where a battle involving US and German troops occured during the Battle of the Bulge, in 1944-1945. On December 20, 1944, an US battalion was ordered to stop German Panzerdivisions which...
  19. bub

    Vajont Dam tragedy

    In 1959, a dam was built in the Vajont Valley in northern Italy. This dam, which was the tallest in the world, was designed to produce electricity. However, when the engineers filled the artificial lake, the mountain on one of its side started moving, there were several small landslides, and...
  20. bub

    Holidays pics

    I got the chance to spend one week in northern Italy at a friends' home. Here are some pictures I took The first picture is a small street in Trieste. Many houses are painted in yellow or red, I find it beautiful, especially when the sun lights them. The second and third pictures were taken...
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