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    What are you listening to? Part 7

    These two are for you sis. Love ya...
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    Madrid Quartet Statement

    The aim of the Quartet is correct as is the promised US veto...a permanent and comprehensive peace accord between Israel and Palestine. Negotiations. There is no other valid mechanism to establish a sovereign and viable Palestinian state. The creation of South Sudan is the latest example of...
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    Israel to vote on bill making it illegal to boycott the settlements

    I kinda doubt this proposal will pass. Did you know it is illegal in Minnesota to drive with a chicken in your lap? Weird stuff.
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    Syria officially recognizes Palestine within the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem

    Re: Syria officially recognizes Palestine within the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusa With all the protester bloodshed, I'm kinda amazed the Syrian government managed to squeeze this in.
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    Attention Palestinian Supporters.... This is who you are supporting.

    One can engineer a ME poll to indicate just about anything. Israelis do it. Palestinians do it. So does the UN and NGOs. About the only ME poll I would trust to deliver an honest realism would be a Pew poll.
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    Former CIA operative suggests Israeli attack on Iran in the Fall...

    Israel knew for many months (drone videos and sensors) that Syria was building a secret nuclear facility. Rather than act unilaterally on this information, Mossad agents infiltrated the facility, collected samples, and photographed everything (interior and exterior). An Israeli intelligence...
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    Thread ban question

    Okay back. When I re-loaded the page I got this... vBulletin Message You have been removed from this discussion. I went to main page and clicked this thread link and again got the above message. Ta-taaaaa
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    Thread ban question

    Yup. Work your magic :2razz:
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    What are you listening to? Part 6

    Yes. We are both single and still a bit too risque for the picket fence thing. Lol. I'm 5'11". Tash is one inch taller so her legs are one inch better ;)
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    What are you listening to? Part 6

    Yupperz :)
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    What are you listening to? Part 6

    My sister is a Gold Level in Ballroom Dancing - Latin Dances Category She can dance any style though. Sometimes a club will feature her in a spotlight dance performance. Tash is very good and she has killer legs
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    Who was Rachel Corrie?

    The British never used spotters during the Mandate period when they used bulldozers to destroy both Jewish and Arab homes. It is assumed that the potential danger of playing chicken with such a machine is obvious. The IDF mandated spotters after the Corrie incident. IIRC, the D9 here was...
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    Who was Rachel Corrie?

    This is the D9, the US military bulldozer used extensively in the Gulf War (trench warfare) and Fallujah (urban warfare). This pic provides a sense of man/machine proportion. Below is a pic of the IDF D9. Proportion is also apparent here. The cab is completely surrounded by metal slat array's...
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    Engagement Or Isolation?

    If it weren’t for the US winning the Cold War, you would posting from Ceauşescu’s police state. Or maybe not.
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    Outcry in America as pregnant women who lose babies face murder charges

    It seems to me that prosecutors here (via court cases) are trying to determine the legal line of distinction between a woman's right to abort and felony criminal negligence which results in death. Obviously, the prosecutors feel that the two scenarios are neither equivalent nor mutually inclusive.
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    Should male circumcision be banned?

    I have. I am a Doctor/Doctora licensed in the United States/Israel. The application of local anesthesia profoundly minimizes procedural pain. Medical complications post-circumcision are typically confined to blood loss and infection. The incidence of such complications in Western populations is...
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    Israel asks US to let spy attend father's funeral

    Agreed. I can also understand why the Pakistanis were pissed about releasing Raymond Davis.
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    Ron Paul: We Should File Bankruptcy

    Ron Paul is crazy. The reverberations from such a declaration would rock the globe like an economic tsunami
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    Israel asks US to let spy attend father's funeral

    I think he would be a flight risk, so I can understand denying him permission. Just last year, the imprisoned former governor of Illinois - George Ryan - was denied permission to visit with his terminal wife. She passed away about three months later. What I will never understand is why the...
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    White House: Gaza flotilla activists may be breaking U.S. law

    Re: Greece blocks departure of all Gaza-bound ships There’s going to be quite a few very surprised (and embarrassed) posters here when the official UN Report on the Mavi Mamara flotilla is released shortly. This is one of the reasons why Greece has changed her tune regarding the current...
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