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  1. Hoplite

    Is the government really that intrusive?

    I hear people complaining about this left and right (literally and figuratively), that the government is sooooo intrusive and people cant wait to trot out some 1984 references whenever something doesn't go their way. I was thinking about it the other day. I have probably a lot more interaction...
  2. Hoplite

    Vertical Farms

    The Vertical Farm Project - Agriculture for the 21st Century and Beyond | www.verticalfarm.com What do you think of this as an idea to maximize land-use to help feed a growing global population and reduce the cost of food?
  3. Hoplite

    German firm in talks to purchase NYSE

    NYSE traders say yes to Germany, no to lederhosen | Reuters NOTE: The original title of this article was "NYSE traders say yes to Germany, no to lederhosen" however that was not descriptive and said nothing about the content of the article. If the Moderators disagree with my decision to...
  4. Hoplite

    The War on Terror

    This is directed mainly at people who feel either that the War on Terror is a good or positive thing, or that our military actions in the Middle East make us safer. This idea flies totally in the face of logic. For a moment, put yourself in the shoes of an Iraqi or Afghani civilian. Take those...
  5. Hoplite

    Control Room

    Watch Control room - War reporters at work Online Free Control Room is a documentary about AlJazeera and how they handled the beginning of the Iraq war, the process that they go through and what they do to produce news. If nothing else, the comments at the 15 minute mark are very interesting...
  6. Hoplite

    Bill O'Reilly on the Origins of Everything

    Umm...wow. Really. Wow. Bill, you've got a cable show. You are not a theologian nor are you a scientist. Stick with what you know, learn what you dont.
  7. Hoplite

    The Skin Gun

    Holy ****ing ****! News:Burn Therapy: A Regenerative Medicine Approach - Regenerative Medicine at the McGowan Institute Why are we not throwing piles of money at this?
  8. Hoplite

    Republicans want a return to workplace immigration raids

    Immigration: Republicans call on Obama administration to return to workplace raids - latimes.com What really surprises me is to find out how off all the anti-immigrant ranting seems to have been. The article goes on and presents some information that I was unaware of previously. It seems...
  9. Hoplite

    Succeed or Die

    This is something I've been turning over for a while. We seem to have a set up in the US where failure, of any kind for any reason, is not tolerated. We respect success and we scorn failure. For example, if you have a job that you are subsequently fired from, there are people who will say you...
  10. Hoplite

    Status Anxiety

    This is a documentary I found a few days ago that I found it unusually interesting. Status Anxiety | Watch Free Documentary Online Essentially, it suggests that the reason we have such social dis-ease in America is because we are a democratic nation and because of that, we are constantly...
  11. Hoplite

    OK...this is so nerdy but so cool

    I dont really follow The Guild, it's funny but not really my speed. But I have to say this is pretty awesome :)
  12. Hoplite

    I feel I should clear a few things up...

    My discerning powers of reading hate mail (very mature, by the way) has told me that maybe I should publically clarify what I stated in previous threads on abortion and clarify my case rather than typing it up half a dozen different times. Yes I consider MOST of the pro-life movement to be...
  13. Hoplite

    34,000-Year-Old Organisms Found Buried Alive

    34,000-Year-Old Organisms Found Buried Alive! - Yahoo! News That is officially awesome. I wonder how similar these organisms are to the variety that we currently have.
  14. Hoplite

    The Dhyana Moment

    I was having a discussion with a friend earlier today and this came up. This friend is not religious nor has she ever been and she asked me, very directly, "What value do find in religion?" It's a simple question, but one that I've always found extremely difficult to answer for one reason; the...
  15. Hoplite

    Major Record Labels To Pay $45 Million for Pirating Artists’ Music

    So...do as we say, not as we do? Record labels to pay $47.5M to songwriters - Money Record Labels To Pay $45 Million for Pirating Artists’ Music | TorrentFreak It's incidents like this that really erode my sympathy for the music industry when it starts crying about copyright infringement.
  16. Hoplite

    Smile!...or Die

    This is...a little out there but an interesting though, I have to admit. The video sort of bumps this a little during it's course, but I find this concept somewhat interesting. We put high value on positivity and self-confidence when it comes to a job and the speaker says that this often gets...
  17. Hoplite

    The Dictator Game

    I'm curious to run a small dictator game here on DP and see the results. A dictator game is something in experimental economics where you have two individuals who do not know each other and will never meet. One person is given some amount of money and told that he can give any amount of that...
  18. Hoplite

    Somalia rebels threaten US attack. Want Obama to embrace Islam

    Somalia rebels threaten US attack - Africa - Al Jazeera English So apparently the idea that Obama is a Muslim seems to be confined to US Republicans :roll:
  19. Hoplite

    Something to keep in mind...

    I've been reading some of the Norse sagas and recently commentary was kicked around here that the native North Americans were somehow stupid or culturally bankrupt because they many were still hunter-gatherers when Europeans were sailing around the world. I wanted to bring this up partially to...
  20. Hoplite

    An Objective Discussion On the Use of Suicide Bombing

    I'm interested to have a discussion purely about the use of suicide bombing as a method of armed insurrection. I'm not looking for a discussion about Palestine or any other situation currently. From what I can see, the objection to the use of suicide bombing comes when those who use this tactic...
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