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  1. the makeout hobo

    How can libertarianism form a better society? [W: 244]

    A few threads over, when we were talking about how to convert people to libertarianism, Megaprogman raised some good points that I think warrent its own thread. "This might be a good test: Here is what I would love for society: 1. Increased general welfare for everyone, meaning ever...
  2. the makeout hobo

    A question about lowest-income workers, for Conservatives/Libertarians

    I have a question specifically for Conservatives: How do we (as a society) better the situation of the lowest-income earners? In many areas, minimum wage is far too low to provide a livable wage. In my own San Jose, a full-time minimum wage job literally does not pay enough to make rent on a...
  3. the makeout hobo

    If my boss got a tax cut, would it trickle down?

    I have a question: Let's suppose that I am a server at a successful non-chain. I work at a restaurant where my boss pays me as low as the industry will tolerate and I have as few benefits as he is obligated by the law to give me. Now let's say the the government cuts taxes on high-income...
  4. the makeout hobo

    What if: President Romney vs. Challenger Obama

    I love counterfactual "what if" questions, so here's one. Let's imagine that the 2008 race had gone differently. Mike Huckabee never cut an ad with Chuck Norris, and while he surged a bit in Iowa, it wasn't enough to beat Mitt Romney. After John McCain's last stand in South Carolina and a...
  5. the makeout hobo

    2012 Presidential Election -Who are you voting for?

    Delete this thread if It's already been made, but... Who are you casting your presidential vote for?
  6. the makeout hobo

    How do we prevent future Aurora-style massacres?

    After every time that someone shoots up a school or a post office or a movie theater, the NRA and gun advocates come out and say that the solution isn't to limit access to firearms. So let's (for the purpose of this thread) accept the axiom that gun rights should not be impeded in any way. What...
  7. the makeout hobo

    I want to see the Birth Certificate

    Mitt Romney hasn't released his Birth Certificate, how do we know he's a US citizen? I don't think he should be president unless he released his birth certificate and proves his citizenship first. For all we know he was born in Mexico.
  8. the makeout hobo

    Ron Paul halts active campaigning in remaining primaries

    Ron Paul halts active campaigning in remaining primaries | Texas on the Potomac | a Chron.com blog It looks like Ron Paul has given up on having any chance of winning the primary and is not just trying to get as many delegates as possible. I suspect that he's going to raise some sort of hell...
  9. the makeout hobo

    Should Jehovah's Witnesses provide blood transfusions?

    So let's say that I am a Jehovah's Witness. My religion prohibits blood transfusions. If I am an employer who provides my employees health care, should I be forced to pay to cover blood transfusions? A resistance to blood transfusions is a cornerstone to my religion, something that I believe...
  10. the makeout hobo

    Men are falling behind in our society.

    Now this is something that I've been giving a lot of thought to... Our society has been turning into one that favors females over males. It's not happening through any preferential treatment or through the wiles of those evil feminists or any conscious decisions- it's just that our modern...
  11. the makeout hobo

    Sell Me on Ron Paul

    I've seen statements from Ron Paul supporters lately to the effect that "Everyone is a Ron Paul supporter, they just don't know it yet", or "People only don't support Ron Paul because they don't understand his positions" or "Because the media is keeping him down." Well Paul fans, here's your...
  12. the makeout hobo

    Republicans Trying To Game Electoral College

    Really, I try to give Republicans some benefit of the doubt and treat them in good faith, but it is hard sometimes. In Pennsylvania, a blue state with large red enclaves, Republicans are trying to give electoral votes by district. In Nebraska, where this is in effect that Obama won one district...
  13. the makeout hobo

    A religious argument

    My friend posted me an argument that I thought brought up some very good points which I thought I'd share here... Your thoughts on why this is fallacious or unfounded, my Christian friends? God, if he exists, already knows exactly what sort of miracle it will take to convince me. Since this...
  14. the makeout hobo

    Obama's Mother

    I still haven't gotten a straight answer on this: Let's say that evidence showed up that Obama was somehow born in Canada. Wouldn't he still be a natural-born citizen because of his mother? I fail to see why going into labor on vacation means your child isn't a natural-born US citizen...
  15. the makeout hobo

    How would Pawlenty do against Obama?

    Second verse, same as the first. If Tim Pawlenty, former governor of Minnesota won the nomination and ran against Obama in the general election, how do you think he'd do?
  16. the makeout hobo

    How would Romney do against Obama?

    Well, it looks like former Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts is gearing up to run for president, and is currently doing pretty well for himself, coming out first or second in a lot of polls. How do you think he'd do in a race against Obama? (I'll do these for a few different candidates...
  17. the makeout hobo

    So I'm thinking of going into teaching

    Though I've been taking a slightly scenic route, I'm tranferring this summer from community college to CSU San Jose to get a bachelors in history. My eventual plan is to get into teaching. Part of this is because I love talking about history, and getting paid for it would be great. Part of...
  18. the makeout hobo

    Would the assassination of Rep. Giffords count as a Second Amendment Solution?

    Ever since that phrase was used by Sharon Angle, I was curious exactly what it meant. Would you say the assassination of Representatives is an example of what a second amendment solution to political issues in this country would look like?
  19. the makeout hobo

    Republican candidates for 2012

    This question is for Republicans and people who plan to vote in the republican primaries only. Which candidate do you support to run against Obama in 2012? (Candidates are naturally speculative, as we're so early in the cycle.) If you don't care about the 2012 race yet, please don't complain...
  20. the makeout hobo

    Tax cuts or Deficit reduction?

    Republicans and conservatives have lately been championing two positions: one, that taxes need to be cut as low as possible, and that the deficit needs to be shrunk as small as possible. As I see it, by themselves the two are exclusive. Ignoring a change in spending, reducing revenue by...
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