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  1. Morality Games

    USCMA (United States of Canada, Mexico, and America)

    China seems to have weathered the transformative economic storms that should have accelerated it into a democracy internally and from my point of view is hiding behind a veneer of political agnosticism to use its newly developed economic soft power to encourage developing nations to adhere to...
  2. Morality Games

    Liberals and Conservatives: Are adherents of the rival ideology evil?

    Its meant to be a zero sum, bottom line question. I don't identify enough with either ideology to cast a vote either way; I generally dislike conservatism more but more often than not wind up feeling every person who has ever existed is evil and that ideology is them showing their most evil...
  3. Morality Games

    Expansion of the Welfare State: Natural Part of Human Destiny?

    As the robotics industry develops it will create new jobs because the new robotic infrastructure will require a lot of human maintenance, but eventually technology will reach a point where this sort of oversight will be extremely minimal: basically a small department of government bureaucrats...
  4. Morality Games

    Dissolve NATO

    I'm not an isolationist, but the goal of this alliance is preventing Russia from gaining political or economic influence that enables it to impose hegemonic influence on the rest of the world. If the economy, culture, and political landscape of Europe has evolved to extent that this shared...
  5. Morality Games

    Human Destiny: Tower of Babel, Extinction Cycles, and the 21st century

    I was unsure whether to place this in Philosophy or Religion, but I decided it was a more existential topic in the vein of Kierkegaard and could be discussed by anyone. One of the often overlooked stories from the Bible is the Tower of Babel. It recounts how humans speaking one language...
  6. Morality Games

    Libertarianism and Emergent Solutions

    One aspect of the logic behind libertarianism's argument for limited government is that the most/best solutions to civilization's problems are emergent -- that is, most of the obstacles the human race confronts can be resolved at a grass roots level thanks to the cooperation of individuals...
  7. Morality Games

    More wars, or less?

    Taking a long term view of humanity's 100,000+ history, in the last 50-100 years there has been abrupt transition into less war,with the remaining conflicts persisting in relatively small and isolated pockets of humanity. The Nuclear Age forced humans to act out their ambition and aggression...
  8. Morality Games

    Insurance isn't even the problem

    In order of priority, the high costs of medical service in the United States result from: By a wide margin -- Pharmaceutical companies (lack of competition due to decades spanning global monopolization by industrial-political fiat, treatment-centric research) Bad, but not nearly as bad --...
  9. Morality Games

    RPGS: AAA, KickStarters, Indies, and Classics

    A thread for discussing anything about RPGs, from the tabletop to computers. Strategy, simulation, and adventure games are fine too, but I don't follow them as closely. Aps and Gaming seems pretty limp, and I was hoping a thread with a broader focus might liven it up. As far as indies go, the...
  10. Morality Games

    Fate of the Republican Party

    With nation wide demographics stacking up against any kind of right-wing faction, the growing enmity between the Tea Party and Establishment among Republicans has me wondering about the eventual fate of the party. There's only so much gerrymandering and Voter ID laws can do to stall out the...
  11. Morality Games

    Divinity: Dragon Commander

    Premise: You're a bastard son of an emperor who has to secure the realm against his crazy siblings using a mixture of magic and steampunk technology while implementing social and economic policy with the advisors from different species to support your war apparatus and future reign. Some...
  12. Morality Games

    Shadowrun Returns

    First of the big Kickstarter RPGs to make it to the finish line. I somehow expected the game to be larger in scale but overall it had a good flavor. Looking forward to the modules.
  13. Morality Games

    Have you ever felt you deserved to be punished?

    As asked. One of the most dependable patterns in human behavior seems to be the instinctive belief each person has that they are more or less justified in everything they do and that none of us personally commits evil in any significant sense of the word.
  14. Morality Games

    Torment: Tides of Numenera

    I was kind of skeptical of another Brian Fargo kickstarter when Wasteland II hasn't released yet, but the pitch sounds great. Torment: Tides of Numenera by inXile entertainment — Kickstarter At least it will give people who never played Planescape: Torment a taste of that games' thematic wonder.
  15. Morality Games

    Should drinking/smoking while pregnant be illegal?

    Prevailing culture norms in the United States make either a rare occurrence (only 1/13 women drink while pregnant), but it isn't illegal to do either. Considering the health factors involved, I was going to say 'yes', but it doesn't seem plausible to outlaw either behavior before a state's...
  16. Morality Games

    Fire Emblem: Awakening

    After the Zelda series lost a lot of its attraction, I thought the days of me buying a console just for one game were finished -- but I saw the commercials for Fire Emblem: Awakening and fell hard for them. Have to say, it only took five stateside releases before Intelligent Systems finally got...
  17. Morality Games

    Silmarillion Character Quiz

    The other day I found myself comparing myself to Silmarillion characters and decided to take a quiz. After trying a couple I decided I liked this one best. Results: You Scored as Turin, the Man You are most like Turin, the human warrior. Many times humans changed their loyalties. You don't...
  18. Morality Games

    For Climate Deniers: Climate Change Possible?

    Starting a thread is easy, so why not. Can you answer one or both of these questions? (1) is it theoretically possible for human action to spur climate change on a global scale over any period of time? (or even on a local scale) (2) under what conditions would it be possible? My theory is...
  19. Morality Games

    Obsidian's Project Eternity

    The gaming forum seems deader than usual, but it seems a shame to not at least mention this for anyone who liked the Infinity Engine games. Project Eternity by Obsidian Entertainment — Kickstarter Also Hero-U, for anyone who played Quest for Glory. Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption by Lori and...
  20. Morality Games

    Banner Saga

    I made a thread about this back when it was one of several promising Kickstarters. Preview: The Banner Saga Factions -Destructoid All I can say is, "Wow." The turn-based strategy game I've wanted ever since finishing FE7 with elements of cRPGs.
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