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  1. Sandokan

    Hydroxychloroquine and Chloroquine for Thousands in New York

    Dr. James DeMeo discovered these things in the CDC’s covid data: “Firstly, if one subtracted the numbers of covid deaths (around 315,000) from the total number of people who died from all causes in 2020 (around 2.9 million), one obtained a dramatically low number of total deaths, lower than in...
  2. Sandokan

    The Fourth of July and Cuban Women

    Pursuing the American Dream is difficult for some, especially a young female baseball player from Cuba. Isabel Alvarez was born October 31, 1933 in Havana. Rafael DeLeon had built a ballpark and Isabel joined the Estrellas Cubanas (Cuban Stars) at probably twelve years old. The girl ball players...
  3. Sandokan

    Idiotic Environmental Predictions

    The Democratic party plan since Obama election has been the skyrocketing of energy provided by coal, oil and gas, and crippling the nuclear industry. This is their way to take over the energy sector and push ahead with their socialist agenda. Biden administration, through executive actions...
  4. Sandokan

    [W:89: 591]Swedish Police Officer: 'Muslim Countries Provide Most Criminals in Sweden' [W:89]

    These migrants refuse to pay for public transportation, threaten, harass and attack train staff and passengers. This type of unruly behavior is another reason why the majority of Swedes want to reduce migration.
  5. Sandokan

    The Swedish experiment of doing remarkably little about Covid-19

    What the curve above shows is that the light restrictions in Sweden work better than the strict lockdown in UK. Strict lockdowns have a very adverse effects on young people. Higher levels of loneliness and anxiety occur among young people. The sustain loss of play and peer interaction had...
  6. Sandokan

    Five Cuban rafters die at sea in attempt to leave country

    What the hell are you smoking? Sober up man.
  7. Sandokan

    China reports "0" new deaths from coronavirus

    A virus lethal to one group but not to others is a weapon of war. What if China Communist Party next release a virus that had minimal effect on Asian genetics but were lethal to European genetics? That is one of the purpose of bio-engineering viruses. After all the CCP has claimed very low...
  8. Sandokan

    The Fourth of July and Cuban Women

    Seems that you did not read the article, otherwise you would not be “very skeptical”. Yes, they were. And yes the Continental congress was still supporting the war. Excerpts from the article Stephen Bonsal, winner of the Pulitzer Price for History in 1945, wrote, “The Contribution of Cuban...
  9. Sandokan

    Idiotic Environmental Predictions

    Your response, “I live in the US where every year many die because we REFUSE to make healthcare affordable”, is the one that “It has nothing to do with the topic of climate change.” You are the one diverting the topic from climate change. Obviously you did not listen and watch to Tony Heller...
  10. Sandokan

    The Swedish experiment of doing remarkably little about Covid-19

    It is northing strange about it. Nothing to do with culture/population and weather circumstances. The comparison is clearly states the subjects to be compare: “Comparison of Sweden with some E.U. countries with strict lockdowns with regard to COVID-19 death”, and with “some U.S. States with...
  11. Sandokan

    [W:89: 591]Swedish Police Officer: 'Muslim Countries Provide Most Criminals in Sweden' [W:89]

    Obviously you missed these statements in the article: “The suburbs surrounding Spånga Church include the districts of Tengsta and Rinkeby, which have been classified as 'especially vulnerable areas' by Swedish police due to high concentrations of Muslim migrants, violent crime, and...
  12. Sandokan

    There is enough evidence against Spanish pedophile network that operated in Cuba

    The LGBTQ rights groups have taken the right stance in support of the San Isidro Movement who went on a hunger strike. One of his members, Osmel Adrián Rubio Santos, participated in the hunger strike. They are very aware that unity is strength because the work that cannot be done by a group, can...
  13. Sandokan

    “If We Stay Quiet They Crush Us”

    Not only Yoe Suárez has been intimidate, harass, threatened and punished for his Christian believe by the state security of the regime, but the regime has made clear to him that if he continuous with his independent journalistic work, his son, wife, parents and friends will be at risk. Through...
  14. Sandokan

    Venezuelan parliament votes to begin impeachment proceedings against Maduro

    The Maduro regime would not pay attention to the call of UN human rights experts to stop the harassment of civil society. A a matter of fact, worse than that is the extrajudicial execution of at least 14 men in las Vegas area of Caracas. The regime would continuous to harass, arrest, detain and...
  15. Sandokan

    The real Che Guevara

    Jon Lee Anderson wrote about Che Guevara capture in his biography: “When they were a few feet away, a short, sturdy highland Indian named Sergeant Bernardino Huanca, broke through the brush and pointed his gun at them. He claimed later that Che told him: ‘Do not shoot! I am Che Guevara and worth...
  16. Sandokan

    Fidel Castro, Longtime Dictator of Cuba, Has Died

    “This is how people live in Cuba”: Video captures critical housing situation on the island Posted by Pedazos de la Isla on March 14, 2013 The video, filmed and edited inside of Cuba by members of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), capture the current housing and living conditions in the...
  17. Sandokan

    Embargo? What Embargo?

    The Obama administration course of action with respect to the Castroit regime is base in a deceitful betrayal of Cuban dissidents. Obama had promise them in a November 2013 meeting that any U.S. action on Cuba “would be consulted with civil society and nonviolent opposition” This didn’t happen...
  18. Sandokan

    Cuba’s bloggers are as sharp abroad as at home

    The lines at the markets and the food stalls are a dangerous focus for infections in Havana where people are obliged to go out every day to look for food. There is no bread, no rice, no soap, no oil, no detergent. The peak of the crisis has not been reach yet. The second “special period”, a...
  19. Sandokan

    Five Cuban rafters die at sea in attempt to leave country

    Unfortunate this time the Coast Gard was not able to rescue the 10 Cuban rafters. The death toll of rafters trying to escape in rickety raft keeps climbing. Desperate people do desperate things. And if socialism and communism was as nice in Cuba as lefties have you believe, Cuban citizens would...
  20. Sandokan

    Exporting Doctors

    The doctors that are sent by the regime to work overseas is akin to human trafficking. They less than 20 percent of what those countries pays for their service, and the regime pockets over 80% of their salary. This is a multi-billion dollar form of international organize crime, a modern-day slavery.
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