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    Congress in denial

    Congress must know that Social Security is an independent group, not connected to the government, that also controls Medicare, and yet they keep talking about reforming it. Are they all in denial, or is it just more gotcha politics. It's true SS loans their surplus to the government every...
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    FBI admits it has no plan

    Schlendorf, assistant director, said "How do I, as one person, control 35,000 people?" Not surprising because terrorists have no established places of operations, keep moving, communicate by computer, very few by telephone, and now that OBL is dead and gone are forced to operate independently...
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    Instinctual behavior

    We all live and react with our natural instincts. Without them, we wouldn't last ten minutes in heavy traffic. That last second swerve to avoid a crack up can't wait for the brain to send the message to our feet and hands... Look out!! Instinct reaction also applies in all sports. That last...
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    Gordon Brown, ex PM, view of world economics

    According to an article in the latest Newsweek, GB says... "For the first time in history both America and Europe are being outproduced, out-manufactured out-exported, out-invested by the rest of the world." ricksfolly
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    More on the National debt

    We're told by politicians that the rising National Debt will be a burden on our children. Not so. Government debt and has nothing to do with with the people, no matter how much it rises. There might be a trickle down effect, but only on government contractors. Proving once again that...
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    Officers recognize pot by smell...

    The Supreme court has just ruled that if an officer smells pot through a door, a search warrant is not necessary, they can break down the door, all based on the questionable ability of officers to recognize odors through a tightly closed door. Of course this flies into the face of the forth...
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    OBL is really dead, conclusive proof

    According to the NY Times, OBL's adult sons accuse the US of violating it's basic principals, by ordering the assassination of their father. Conclusive proof that OBL is really dead, even better proof than DNA. ricksfolly
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    Drug scams

    BBC NEWS of 11 April 2006: ”Pharmaceutical firms are inventing diseases to sell more drugs, researchers have warned. ‘Disease-mongering’ promotes non-existent diseases and exaggerates mild problems to boost their drug sales, the Public Library of Science Medicine reported.” In France it is...
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    Product scams

    If congress really wants to end the recession, they would check each product advertised on TV, and the media, stop companies that produce things that don't do what they advertise or imply, put the proof on the seller, not the buyer.
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    More on the US budget deficit/ national debt

    For all doubters out there, here is proof from the Department of the Treasury ( National Debt) and the Congressional Budget Office (US budget deficit) that the deficit is paid by the Department of the Treasury... Where they get the money isn't clear 2009 US budget deficit.... -$1.412.5 trillion...
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    The National debt is not a Congress issue.

    The Fed Reserve, not the president, not Congress, provide the extra money needed to cover the budget deficit every year, and it's automatically added to the National debt. Makes sense too, because all Government bills have to be paid when due. Each year starts with no carry-over deficit, starts...
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    Thinking and saying

    I discovered that what I say and what I think are perfectly aligned like adjoined Siamese twins. Here's what I mean... Say A, think B, say C, think D , say E, think F, and so on.... You can even make them work that way when reading a book... Say ONCE, think UPON, say A, think TIME, say THERE...
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    Constitutional rights, who needs them?

    Other than the right to say anything, and the right to bear arms, 90 percent will go through life without needing the remaining rights their entitled to. The ten percent who do need them are mostly those who take chances, get into trouble, live on the edge, break laws, usually ending up in...
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    Scientific proof, not just educated guesses.

    In order to prove scientific discoveries and functions, they must be demonstrated so that everyone can relate with them, not just other scientists who belong to the exclusive club. Most scientific discoveries of note can be proven this way, but there far too many God-like scientists out there...
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    Republicans hate young women

    The Republican house voted to kill Planned Parenthood (H con res 36), shutting down 800 clinics, depriving thousands of young confused girls who need expert counsel to help them decide whether or not abortion is the best choice. Without PP, young girls will have no place to go and many of the...
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    Budget cuts fall-out.

    Most people can't relate with the billions of dollars cut from the budget. A better way, everyone can relate with, is how many jobs it will cost. ricksfolly
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    God, man's creation

    The theologians and Christians got it all wrong. It isn't God made man in his own image. It's Man made God in his own image and heaven, Hell, sin, and all the commandments. ricksfolly
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    Muscle memory

    Here's a function animals automatically do and humans are still trying to figure out. Muscle Memory Initial muscle development... Cry, suckle, burp, fart, defecate, laugh, use of our tongue, fingers, hands, arms, legs, jaw, eye lids, and voice, instinctive muscle functions we learned to use...
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    War profit bites back

    After years of providing Libya's dictator with the weapons he's been using against his people, all France, Britain and the United States has to offer the people of Libya is more bombs. ricksfolly
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    radioactivity, how long is it dangerous.

    I just read a Travel folder on Hiroshema and not one word in it about radioactive hot spots, 50 years after the A Bomb, so just how long does deadly radioactivity really last? Definitely not the 458 half life years, as we've been led to believe. ricksfolly
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