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    Green Party soon the strongest force in German politics?

    This seems like it part of a trend I'm noticing in Europe. Traditionally 3rd (or even 4th) ranked parties are beginning to overcome the older parties and gain major influence. In the Netherlands we saw the first liberal PM in 80+ years. In the UK the Liberal Dems are in government for the first...
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    Arthur Brooks: Top 10 ways government kills jobs in America

    I'd like to note that as of 2009, the US is one of the most pro-free trade countries in the world. While there are certain specific areas that are not as free as they should be, I'd like to note that according to the WTO (which is where my link takes you), the US has some of the lowest tariff...
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    Books like the Bible are so long and complex, and with so many authors, that it is impossible to really coherently follow what they teach. The reason is of course because they don't teach a single philosophy except in a most bare-bones way. The Bible is contradictory (apologists try to argue...
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    Vote The Issues

    I totally agree with the sentiments, but practically speaking it seems getting the facts out is easier said than done. Everyone accuses any place with a different set of facts than their own as being biased in some way and a lot of places completely misuse facts (I particularly hate people who...
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    Mobile phones help lift poor out of poverty: U.N. study

    Funny thing to note. Can you guess what country has the best telecommunications system in Africa? Somalia.
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    Boehner a rubber stamp for Pelosi?

    Not exactly a counter-argument there. If you could show that this 52% agreement was on substantial issues like the healthcare or extension of unemployment benefits then you might have a point. But neither you nor your article has shown that.
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    You know, the scare tactics in this ad kind of lose their punch when you realize that the end of the ad is referencing this. :D
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    Dem congressman's ad brags: 'He voted with the Republican leader 63% of the time'

    This statistic may be true but it doesn't mean much as the vast majority of votes in the Congress are inconsequential and uncontroversial (like naming post offices or thanking sports teams). If he's try to look bipartisan what is important in not his overall vote total (unless its in the mid-80s...
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    Boehner a rubber stamp for Pelosi?

    I don't care that they voted together to say that the 4th of July is a good holiday, I care how they voted on truly important legislation. Show me where they both voted for the stimulus or healthcare reform or DADT repeal. Really, given the high percentage of nearly meaningless bills that have...
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    Questions on American Citizenship

    Well the legal definition for the US is along the lines of a person born in the US and/or of US parents or who has been through the naturalization process who then has all the rights and privileges spelled out in the Constitution. A less-US specific definition would be a person who a) has a...
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    Trump '12?

    I've seen no evidence Trump has any experience running a government (running a business is not the same thing) or that he has any particularly interesting ideas. So I'm going to say he just shouldn't be a government official.
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    How to Slash the State

    It takes more than "spine," it takes politicians with the actual beliefs and popular support to back them. As to the list, Medicaid, pulling troops back (and presumably cutting the military budget a lot), and the stimulus would have the greatest effect on government spending as a portion of GDP...
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    Obama Destroying the Democratic Party

    These guys are clearly more than a bit blinded by partisanship. But to show exactly how, let's go ahead a take a look at their claims and break them down: Here's a BIG hint that they are partisan hacks: anyone who tells you the absolute figure for the deficit and tries to apply that to a...
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    1/3 of 'extinct' animals show up again

    The problem with saying that human-caused extinctions are bad is that its asserting that somehow humans aren't a part of nature. We evolved from nature, we're reliant on nature (even if we do adjust it to our needs and wants, we still are reliant), we exist in nature, we're related to nature...
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    Worst American Presidents

    Wow. A lot of people have no sense of perspective. Buchanan failed to contain or prevent the freaking Civil War. He barely did anything when secession started. He was also pro-slavery. A large deficit looks benign compared to that crap.
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    Hilarious editorial: "White America has Lost its Mind"

    Yea not a particularly funny article and based on poll numbers where a minority of Americans and in many cases even a minority of Republicans hold kinda crazy positions. Buts its not like we haven't had Americans hold stupid ideas before. How many people called Bush a fascist? How many thought...
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    Why I Still Support Obama

    The bonds and taxes are probably in large part a response to the drop in tax revenue, if not for the recession they probably wouldn't need so many attempts to raise funds (at least not if they want to keep up school construction).
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    New Economic Ideology

    This is a very bare sketch of how an economy would work that raises a lot of questions. First off, what is wrong with credit? Credit allows people to spread the cost of innovation over time, in particular into the period that the investment will begin paying dividends so that the person...
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    Public perceptions of communism v. fascism

    While the answers given so far are pretty good, I think there is another aspect as well. Fascism is almost always associated with a particular leader in the country in question while communism is more associated with a broader system (there are of course some exceptions in certain nations, but...
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    Quotes from the Bible

    The problems arise regardless of whether or not you "take it in context." For example, take the first example from 2 Kings 2. If you read through the entire chapter there is no more context to add. Some kids come out and make fun of Elijah and he summons a bear to maul them to death. He then...
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