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    With Gas Prices Soaring, Obama Looks to Ramp Up U.S. Oil Production

    We really don't know enough about the details to push for changes. Our refineries probably have long range contracts with OPEC, other sources, and don't have the resources to take on new contracts. ricksfolly
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    With Gas Prices Soaring, Obama Looks to Ramp Up U.S. Oil Production

    It's really not an issue here in Grand Junction. CO. Prices have been holding at $3.62 for 2 months... Nowhere near the predicted $5.00... What's really a mystery is that all five separate corporations charge the exact same amount... Collusion anybody? ricksfolly
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    A Brief History of the Bush Tax Cuts

    You've either been brain washed or in that 1 to 5 percent bracket yourself... ricksfolly
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    Who really still support Obama?

    Picky, picky... Obama can be all of those things, and he's still the peoples best choice, as long as he still goes along with all the entitled programs, which are really a small percentage of the budget. SS, Medicare, and unemployment insurance are NOT entitlements and will never be. ricksfolly
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    White House: Limited Role in Libya Means No Need to Get Congressional Authorization

    Re: White House: Limited Role in Libya Means No Need to Get Congressional Authorizati Wrong... Obama was well within his legal rights. When he took out OBL it was to protect the United states from more attacks from a sworn enemy who attacked us on 9/11 and was capable of doing it again...
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    Obama: Palestinian State Must Be Based on 1967 Borders

    In the real world there are only Jews and Arabs, no terrorists, no Jihad, only Jews seeking revenge for what the Arabs did to them and Arabs seeking revenge for what the Jews did to them, back and forth, back and forth. No one knows who fired the first shot... Right now there seems to be a...
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    Random thought ... on health and wellness.

    True, but unfortunately most rarely think about what's good for them, only that it tastes good, feels good. Only when they grow old do they start thinking about diets and other health issue. The problem is younger people have short attention spans and it's hard to get keep their attention...
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    Will You Vote for Obama?

    Obama still has a lot to learn about politics and Congress where only checkers, marbles, tic tac toe, mumbly peg, and rock, paper, scissors are played. ricksfolly
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    Is Democracy Blocking America's Ability To Solve It's Problems?

    ...And-- survival politics, well meaning propaganda, and over-exaggerations... We all know what always happens to good intentions. ricksfolly
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    Government regulation of Churches?

    Churches that spend their tithe money on political adds should have their non-profit status taken away. That's as far as they should take government regulations. All forms of preaching are allowed by the first amendment, including hate, race baiting, abortion, ethnic, and sex discrimination...
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    Congress in denial

    >> That's a chilling thought for us seniors, especially since there are so many reactionaries in Congress. Fortunately reelection is their most important drive, even more important than bribes and recognition, so us 60 million senior citizens are safe, at least for the present. I shudder to...
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    Congress in denial

    Congress must know that Social Security is an independent group, not connected to the government, that also controls Medicare, and yet they keep talking about reforming it. Are they all in denial, or is it just more gotcha politics. It's true SS loans their surplus to the government every...
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    Is Democracy Blocking America's Ability To Solve It's Problems?

    Can't answer this until you tell us your definition of Democracy... ricksfolly It ain't so much the things we know that cause all the troubles. It's the things we do know that ain't so. Artimus Ward
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    Obama flubs in guest book, dates visit "2008"

    Big deal... A typo ruins Obama's reputation... Get a life... ricksfolly
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    Obama: Palestinian State Must Be Based on 1967 Borders

    There are always two sides to every story. Wait until you hear the Hamas side before you make up your mind. ricksfolly
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    Without God, there are no inalienable rights

    Wake;1059513896] Man is not absolute. >> Nothing is absolute, just in progress... His words are meaningless. >> Words only have meaning to other words. "A man of words and not of deeds is like a garden full of weeds." His laws, alienable. >> I take it as not transferable, is that what you...
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    Without God, there are no inalienable rights

    Science consists of posting testable, falsifiable hypotheses; >> True, but some of their hypotheses cannot be tested because they're not accessible, like what really goes on underground or behind a wall of skin and bone... Effect, yes, but not the exact cause. ...making predictions about what...
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    As Debt Limit Reached, Agreement Still Far Off .

    Raising the National debt to cover the deficit is all automatic. Congress has nothing to do with it. The extra capital is provided by the Fed Reserve, has been that way for over seventy years. This year certain Senators is trying to make political points with it and seem to be succeeding. I...
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    Define Life

    Probably from a publicity seeking scientist... ricksfolly
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    Instinctual behavior

    My opinion vs your opinion and since none of this can be proved, it's time to move on. ricksfolly
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