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  1. phattonez

    Can you be saved by faith alone?

    Or is Caritas (love) also required? Let's ask St. Augustine.
  2. phattonez

    Once Saved Always Saved is Utter Nonsense

    First example: Romans 11 And Hebrews 6 Even Calvin in his commentaries never dealt with the phrase "partakers of the Holy Spirit" in his commentaries. You can go check for yourself. Finally you'll say I only need faith. Sure, but then ask your wife if she thinks you've been faithful after...
  3. phattonez

    Arizona is burning

    And it's not the only state. They're getting a huge spike in new cases. Maricopa County is at full ICU capacity. You guys thought it was over. It's not. Our two biggest states are also reporting record new cases and still opening up! It's going to be a bloodbath. Arizona hospitals bracing for...
  4. phattonez

    Why are blacks so privileged?

    They're so privileged that the media will go out of their way to hide actual crimes. Appeal for public not to share footage of Cork stabbing | IrishExaminer.com Remember they also did this with BART crime statistics. Why are blacks so privileged?
  5. phattonez

    Why did Jesus get angry at the Temple?

    He called it a den of THIEVES. What did the sellers do wrong? Jesus called them robbers. Was what they were doing robbery? I thought mutual consent is all that's required to make a transaction moral. ;)
  6. phattonez

    Jesus Gave the Apostles Authority to Forgive Sins

    Jesus undoubtedly gave the apostles the authority to forgive sins. My question is this. Did Jesus relinquish this authority after the apostles died? If so, why, and what is the evidence that the early Church recognized that this authority was relinquished. I'm tagging cpwill to get his attention.
  7. phattonez

    Is maximizing shareholder wealth the only responsibility of business?

    If not, then to whom are they also responsible?
  8. phattonez

    Cancel Rents and Mortgages[W:280]

    Banks and other finance companies are getting bailed out, why not American workers? Unemployment is going to 30%, yet we're not going to give workers relief from their bills? Just a quick few thousand that will go straight to landlords and banks? Give me a break. Here's what should be done...
  9. phattonez

    Lol TPUSA

    Didn't we all have usurious grandfathers?
  10. phattonez

    Margret Thatcher Increased Home Ownership

    By allowing tenants to buy the properties they were leasing at far below market prices. This happened with the passage of the 1980 Housing Act. With this, home ownership in the country greatly improved, and Thatcher secured her position because of course those who now entered the middle class...
  11. phattonez

    Changing sales tax exemptions for food

    Currently uncooked food is exempt from sales taxes. This is because taxes on necessities at a flat rate is regressive to the poor because they pay a higher proportion of their income to necessities. However, this falls short for a number of reasons: 1. Other necessities like clothing and...
  12. phattonez

    Why do conservatives value landlords and employers over families?

    Especially when landlord profits average 5-15% per year without taking into account property value increases. It's a lucrative field, but families are getting crushed. Further, wages aren't coming anywhere close to keeping up with the cost of living, not to mention productivity. Are you okay...
  13. phattonez

    A Simple Proposal Regarding Offshoring

    Should we ban companies from selling products in this country if they do not follow US labor laws?
  14. phattonez

    Protesters at ICE facility in Aurora pull down American flag and raise Mexican flag

    WATCH: Protesters at ICE facility in Aurora pull down American flag and raise Mexican flag I'm way past caring about the rights of these ingrates. Get the catapult and launch them into the country they love so much.
  15. phattonez

    In Our Pursuit to Save the Climate, Are We Killing the Environment?

    Coal is obviously dirty. Natural gas is better, but still releases methane (and other pollutants). Renewables require a ton of land, produce lots of waste (think of old solar panels), and require an increased use of gas (to deal with intermittent energy generation). So what is the best energy...
  16. phattonez

    No More Income Tax: Tax Discretionary Income

    Our current tax code is based on a person's gross income. That is, it looks at all of the income a person makes, without considering housing costs, food, health care, and other necessities. Why is this a bad thing...
  17. phattonez

    The Monetary System is Fleecing You

    Almost all of our money is created by banks, tied to debt, and the banks get paid interest for this creation. All of the money that you use, it's all debt. It enriches the financial sector and leeahes from the real, productive part of the economy. You're being robbed every day and you don't even...
  18. phattonez

    Explosions in Basement?

    I'm not usually one for 9/11 conspiracies. For me it's clear that there were hijackers, they flew planes into buildings, and the standard narrative makes sense. What I've heard recently does raise a few questions for me and I'd just like to know what's the standard narrative on this. There...
  19. phattonez

    Theodore Kaczynski Quotes

    It's an old subject, but have you ever read Industrial Society and Its Future? It's no justification for the bombings, but they're certainly subjects worth thinking about: In modern industrial society only minimal effort is necessary to satisfy one's physical needs. A theme that appears...
  20. phattonez

    Do You Hate It's a Wonderful Life?

    The following is a quote from the film It's a Wonderful Life. So all of the people on this board who support the current system of unaffordable mortgages and sky high rents, do you hate this movie?
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