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    Time traveler caught on tape?

    This is a video clip apparently taken in 1928 and recently re-discovered on a behind-the-scenes segment for a Charlie Chaplin DVD. Very weird ... :shock:
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    Storm Chasers on the Discovery Channel

    Does anyone watch this show? I'm posting this thread so that some of you who don't watch it might tune in next Wednesday if possible. The title of the show is "Dedication", and it is dedicated to chaser Matt Hughes. It's kind of a special show for me, as I went to high school with Matt and...
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    NPR Fires News Analyst [Juan Williams] After Remarks About Muslims

    Looks like he got the axe:
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    Kids, this is why you are always supposed to look at what you're tackling

    I hope he recovers from this, but it looks like his football career is over. :(
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    Swing Vote: Newly Dead Now Oppose Obama

    I really can't imagine doing this myself, but hey ...
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    Muscle Milk

    Anyone know anything about it? A couple of my friends mentioned it to me the other day. Is it worth trying out?
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    Infant Found Dead At Winston-Salem Planned Parenthood

    Irony can be so ironic sometimes ...
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    The Falling Man

    The entire article is a fascinating read. It's also a trip back to the day, nine years ago, when it happened.
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    Nebraska Strength Training Program

    Hey, does anyone happen to know where I can download the Nebraska Strength Training Program? I'm getting back into the gym and this is the program we used in high school. Suggestions for other programs would be great, too.
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    Koran Burner: Creepier Than You Think

    A little bit Fred Phelps, a little bit David Koresh. Sign me up! :screwy
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    Beard or No Beard?

    So here's the deal: I want to grow a beard. For as long as I can remember, my dad has worn a beard (my mother has never seen him without one in the 35+ years she's known him). My younger brother has worn a beard for years. My uncle has worn a beard nearly as long as my dad has. However, my...
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    Hurricane Katrina -- Five Years Ago This Week

    Just as a kind of oral history collection, I thought it might be kinda interesting if people posted where they were and what they were doing when the hurricane struck, or any particular memories or moments that stand out in your mind. As for myself, I can remember watching the aftermath of the...
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