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  1. danstevens80

    Oval Office rug gets history wrong

    Hey man, I know it's nothing new, but his bloopers were priceless. Still are. :)
  2. danstevens80

    Arafat pushed for Second Intifada

    He never tried to control them after they've been set in motion. He only like to control the timing of it all.
  3. danstevens80

    Israel braces for regional escalation ahead of Ahmadinejad's Lebanon visit

    He's a donkey fart, pardon my French. And he acts like one too - annoying and impossible to ignore
  4. danstevens80

    Jewish population in Israel is declining

    Correction #2: There might be a TOTAL 2.6 million Palestinians in the whole region.
  5. danstevens80

    Oval Office rug gets history wrong

    Isn't that a Bush quote? Oh. I'm sorry - I confused it with "Hubbada Hubbada Hubbada, DUHHHHH"
  6. danstevens80

    Israel recoils as US backs nuclear move

    Well said, and duely noted - a narrow angled report it is, and we are facing a lot of possible develompents (none of which provide adequate options of recourse, unfortunately)
  7. danstevens80

    A chilling of US-UK relations?

    Give it time. As in most cases, the US and UK just need a common enemy to reinforce good intentions and diplomatic ties.
  8. danstevens80

    I support Israel, and you?

    Here's to recognizing the differences that count
  9. danstevens80

    Worthless UN???

    It's not worthless. It just isn't worth much. There's a subtle difference between the two :)
  10. danstevens80

    Exposing Top Secret America

    Why false? I feel pretty secure (especially when I'm cleaning my guns) :P
  11. danstevens80

    A Massive Digg Coverup?

    Solid point! It's liquid bread, friends :)
  12. danstevens80

    I won't vote in 2010

    Hurra! The lesser of two evils will then regret the day it got elected :)
  13. danstevens80

    Obama Classmate Speaks Out

    I lost count myself. Thanks for counting for all of us :)
  14. danstevens80

    Assassinating Americans, Secretly

    We will never be the same regardless of the WOT.
  15. danstevens80

    I am softening my stance on illegal aliens

    Thank you for this. It is probably the most heartwarming post I've seen here. God bless you.
  16. danstevens80

    Hilarious editorial: "White America has Lost its Mind"

    I couldn't have said it better myself, mostly because I wouldn't bother :)
  17. danstevens80

    Stop the Internet Blacklist

    Ecaxtly. How would we like it if government officials would moderate this forum?
  18. danstevens80

    Acid Attack victim could hear her skin sizzling

    religion is self serving, contradictory and very screwed up. i can only imagine :\ BTW- if the avatar is not a coincidence, I'd love to discuss polyamory with you.
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