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  1. Tetracide

    September 11th conspiracy theories

    Re: 911 WAS an inside job./The truth about 911 The Al Qaeda myth?
  2. Tetracide

    Fellow Conservatives

    In an effort to reach out to all those who would like to have their voice heard, we are looking to expand a group blog called Conservative-Century. If any conservatives on this forum are interested in becoming a sister site or a contributor, please PM me and we would be more than happy to add...
  3. Tetracide

    The four real reasons Iraq was invaded

    :lol: You aren't helping.
  4. Tetracide

    The four real reasons Iraq was invaded

    Re: Well. Never have I heard such racism, arrogance, and ignorance in one post. Congrats. Let’s start with your complete oblivious stance to Iraq. Like I have said in that link I provided in my earlier post, the War in Iraq had five major justifications, none of which were related to the...
  5. Tetracide

    The four real reasons Iraq was invaded

    Re: First of all, quit with the oil smokescreen. It never worked to begin with, and it still doesn’t work now cause the lack of evidence to back up the ridiculous and flagrantly illogical notion that we went to war for oil. Secondly, if you are under the impression that the U.S. and the...
  6. Tetracide

    Remembering 911

    Well, maybe in the near future we can talk about this a little further, but for now, I'd like to keep the day humble and respect those who need to be respected. Same goes for Kal-el's post. I wont reply just because it will be branching from the premis of this thread.
  7. Tetracide

    Remembering 911

    Well you wouldn't deny that 9/11 did instigate a great deal of changes in U.S. foreign policy, right? It's just when we get to defining if those changes were for the better or worse is where we might argue. In attempt to not debase or belittle the subject at hand, because I really do have...
  8. Tetracide

    Remembering 911

    Not sure who you were refering to.
  9. Tetracide

    Remembering 911

    With the fourth anniversary of September 11th looming, we as a group of individuals, and as members of the free and democratic world, must once again revisit the origins of our long held positions. We need to remind those who have forgotten of who we are; a people devoted to a cause of just, and...
  10. Tetracide

    No terrorist training camps in Iraq during Saddam's rule?

    I'm going to pull a Billy, and just post a picture.
  11. Tetracide

    Ignoring the Ignore List!

    An ignore option is for those people who feel that a specific individual is not worth debating, and/or is a person that is very provocative in nature. I have refrained from ignoring people because I believe that dealing with fanatics is a good way to shape my opinion and improve myself, while...
  12. Tetracide

    Would you die for your country?

    I leave for 24 hours, and look what happens?
  13. Tetracide

    Would you die for your country?

    My exact words were "if your country was at risk, would you die to save it?" Nothing to do with Iraq, nothing to do with the government, nothing to do with the military, nothing to do with the war on terror. If your country was at risk, would you die to save it?
  14. Tetracide

    Would you die for your country?

    Very deep question for you guys. Think this through. Whatever the circumstances, if your country was at risk, would you die to save it?
  15. Tetracide

    I'LL BE BACK!: Cindy Sheehan leaving Crawford. Mother ill.

    It's not her actions that we are calling trecherous, it's the things she has said. Have you even heard some of the things she's said?
  16. Tetracide


    Exactly. Although I fear her cause has grown beyond just the death of her son.
  17. Tetracide

    What does "Support the Troops" mean?

    The last bit of your post echoes exactly what I just posted in one of the dozens of Cindy Sheehan threads. You honestly and truly believe that pulling troops out is the best thing for America (that wasn’t a question). Your intentions are to make this country safer, and therefore a better...
  18. Tetracide

    Cindy Sheehan's speech at SF State Univ.

    I believe that all those who are in elected positions truly and honestly want to see this country be better (not that we are in a hell hole, but because that is their job - to make this country better). The place where we differ is how both sides define us as a better nation. Some radicals on...
  19. Tetracide

    Vote on Slogan for Debate Politics

    "You'll be wrong - but you wont be alone." Simply hilarious! :lol:
  20. Tetracide

    What does "Support the Troops" mean?

    Support the troops means not to parade the death count, respect the work they are doing as people doing it, regardless of if you think they should be doing it or not. Supporting the troops means not calling them murdered, savages, or portray them as such. Supporting the troops is hoping they...
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