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  1. Tonawanda

    Stop Calling the Riots, Riots!

    Unless the meaningless violence is committed by drunken sports fans and frenzied consumers! Roughly 2,800 articles published between May 26 and June 2 related to events that were spurred by the killing of George Floyd, protest appeared most frequently, about seven times for every use of the...
  2. Tonawanda

    Black Female Conservative Calls Out President Biden for a Fight

    PA candidate running to be first Black Republican woman in Senate slams Biden over past ‘ain't Black’ comments This race should be interesting. Especially considering the current state of race relations now. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/pa-senate-candidate-kathy-barnette-biden
  3. Tonawanda

    Increase Women in Law Enforcement to 40% Of Police Departments

    I am in favor of a plan to increase women in Law Enforcement providing the standards and qualifications of new hires are met and the best qualified candidates are hired. An arbitrary figure of 40% employment and advancement (promotion) preference based on gender or race is a recipe for disaster...
  4. Tonawanda

    Buffalo students told ‘all white people play a part in perpetuating systemic racism’

    At a time, in my opinion, when race relations in America are at an all time low, Buffalo school teachers apparently are required to use this curriculum in grades K-12. The story of Buffalo Public Schools is a sad and familiar one: a dying industrial town, underperforming inner-city schools...
  5. Tonawanda

    Neb. LEO shot in face by shoplifting suspect

    According to Omaha Police, Officer Jeffrey Wittstruck was dispatched to a JCPenney department store Friday afternoon. Security guards had detained a suspect whom they say tried to leave the store without paying for some t-shirts. According to police, Jenkins put his hand in his sweatshirt...
  6. Tonawanda

    5 cops face manslaughter charges in shooting death of 15-year-old boy in Oklahoma

    Five Oklahoma police officers will be charged with first-degree manslaughter in the killing of a 15-year-old burglary suspect who was shot more than a dozen times last November, authorities said Wednesday. Stavian Rodriguez was accused of trying to rob an Oklahoma City convenience store at...
  7. Tonawanda

    As violence surges, some question Portland axing police unit

    One of the whitest major cities in America was experiencing its deadliest year in more than a quarter-century — a trend seen nationwide — with shootings that overwhelmingly affected the Black community. Responding to the calls for change in policing, the mayor and City Council cut several...
  8. Tonawanda

    Black Police Officer Fired for Using the N word!

    My opinion is that in this case, the Chief's discipline (firing) was excessive and ill-advised, and will be overturned by an independent arbitrator. What do you think? TAMPA — Tampa’s police union says it will fight for the job of a Black school resource officer who was fired Tuesday for...
  9. Tonawanda

    Justified Force?

    Of course it was, right? The officer in the video was well trained, prepared and very fortunate to be alive! It sounds likes she fired 5 rounds. She may have missed the shooter one or 2 times. What if even one round hit an unarmed person or child, killing them. And especially, what if...
  10. Tonawanda

    No News is Fake News

    Slain Hancock County deputy remembered as a fearless leader Lt. Michael Boutte with the Hancock County Sheriff's Department has died after being shot while responding to a call on Monday afternoon. (Source: City of Diamondhead) By WLOX Staff | February 1, 2021 at 2:50 PM CST - Updated February...
  11. Tonawanda

    Will James Comey Dis-rail Hillary?

    Is this a plausible plan of James Comey? November 2016 Depends on One Man. It Is Not Trump.
  12. Tonawanda

    Trump Effect in New York State?

    Voters in New York State want to change their party affiliations before voting in this year's primaries to be able to vote for someone in an opposing party. For the purpose of primary voting, the change goes into effect next year. Are these all Trump Voters? How about GOP deserters going to...
  13. Tonawanda

    Trump's Retaliation

    I think we can all agree that if the GOP is successful in blocking Trump's nomination, Trump's retaliation will be swift and furious. After all, didn't they promise to treat him fairly? No matter how much some of his statements may have hurt him, he will take out his anger on the GOP. So, (pun...
  14. Tonawanda

    Cruz has ‘zero interest’ in being Trump’s vice president

    Cruz has ‘zero interest’ in being Trump’s vice president | | Dallas Morning News I don't understand why not. They would make a great team and Trump would be a shoe in to get the GOP nomination. Cruz is going nowhere. Even if there is a brokered convention, its highly unlikely he would get the...
  15. Tonawanda

    Is Walmart Biased Against Inner City Residents?

    A new Walmart in Western New York is opening soon in a mostly suburban area without planning or agreeing to a new bus stop in front of their store, or drop off in their parking lot. This store will likely be frequented by many inner city black residents as well as some white residents. This...
  16. Tonawanda

    A Rating Trump University

    Not sure if the rating has been posted here yet. https://www.facebook.com/DonaldTrump/photos/a.488852220724.393301.153080620724/10156715088630725/?type=3&theater https://www.trumpinitiative.com/login/index.cfm
  17. Tonawanda

    GOP Strategy?

    It seems obvious that the GOP wants to get Trump out of the way permanently. If my math is correct? He has gotten more than 50% of the delegates available so far, which puts him on course to get the 1,237 delegates he needs for the nomination. If Rubio is their guy and him not having great...
  18. Tonawanda

    Chris Wallace Hits Cruz Hard

    Is Super Tuesday make or break for Ted Cruz? | On Air Videos | Fox News Chris Wallace interviews and challenges Cruz on numerous points. Cruz and Wallace conversation gets heated near the end of the interview, and the interview ended without a word from Cruz.
  19. Tonawanda

    War on Trump Tonight over tax returns?

    With Mitt Romney's remarks related to Trump releasing his income tax returns, it appears that Trump will counter attack with a vengeance. Will Trump hold his own or be destroyed by the rest of the field? Donald Trump rejects Mitt Romney's ironic tax attack - CNNPolitics.com
  20. Tonawanda

    Trumped by Trump

    I didn’t know much about him before he entered the race. Never watched his TV programs, and the only thing I knew that he was a celebrity with a big head of hair that looked like, or is a wig. Me being a conservative, he obviously got my attention with his positions, and also his entertainment...
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