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    Guns must be protected at all costs- why?

    wo things, first, it is impossible for one knife wielding person to kill six people and wound 24 or more from a roof top in just 24 seconds. Trying to compare the two is apples and elephants. Second, the same people who want to keep from any restraints on guns are the same ones who want to cut...
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    Two NC workers fired for not joining company's daily Christian devotionals

    You are like the rest of the religious right, you do not want to be discriminated against due to your religion, but you want to be able to use your religion to discriminate.
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    [W: #72] Chicago shooter was Antifa Leftist... Media narrative about Trump support falling to pieces...

    Actually he is Trump supporter as is the rest of his family. Trying to pin this on anyone from the left is just STUPID and WRONG, but you on the right always have to try. pitiful
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    Does this sound helpful, or like a possible solution to the gun violence issue?

    https://www.cbsnews.com/news/sorry-mandatory-gun-registration-is-constitutional/ Where does it say that firearm registration is unconstitutional. registration does not limit your ability to own, buy, sell or carry a gun, so how is it unconstitutional. According to this SCOTUS they have ruled...
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    Can any liberal explain this?

    Even if the Dems get the majority of votes, with gerrymandering they can not win. In my state for the state legislature, the dems got about 55% of the overall votes for legislative positions, but got less than 5% of the seats. One man one vote, bullshit
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    welcome all to America, What everyone calls " the world's largest shooting gallery", today located at Highland Park, IL

    Do not worry, there are soft targets every where you look and once there you can shoot to your hearts content. Do not worry about getting stopped with your gun on the way, the SCOTUS says it is your right to carry in public ad who are we to question their supreme knowledge of the country. And if...
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    Can any liberal explain this?

    The The real question you have to ask yourself is what the GOP and/or conservatives going to do? They are real good at getting power, but their only governing principle seems to be taxes. Scott gave us the ideas that the GOP has for after they regain power. They are going to cut or eliminate...
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    Wil Trump announce his candidacy for President early to try and stop an indictment and should it matter?

    I have been listening to talking heads on the tub talking about the idea that Trump will announce his candidacy for president earlier that otherwise expected to stop n indictment from either the Feds, New York or Georgia. The idea would be he could yell it is all politics if indicted. I am not...
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    Supreme Court Marshal Asks Officials to End Protests at Justices’ Homes

    Actually they might be arrested, but then the First Amendment would set them free.
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    Do you think that this was overkill?

    https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/3544896-black-man-shot-at-least-60-times-by-ohio-police-as-he-ran-away-lawyer/ He was running away and they shot at him over 95 times and hit him over 60 times and it is no surprise he was dead at the scene. The police say he shot at them while in the...
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    Oh Flori-duh! Not again?

    With what is going on in Florida, you do not believe? Desantis is placing Florida in the autocrat column.
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    Should the SCOTUS allow state legislators to decide election winners?

    It seems that the SCOTUS is on the verge of ending democracy when it comes to Federal and state wide elections. If they allow states to make rules without allowing their courts to interfere, some of the state legislators are on the verge of deciding for themselves the winners of state wide...
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    The Jan. 6 hearings have pulled back the curtain on the 'crazies and cowards' around Trump

    This court is now ruled by the crazzies and the autocrats. Justices like Alito, and there are four more on the court, think that liberals are ruining our country and will do anything, and I mean anything including giving up our democracy, to "finish off" the liberals.
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    Supreme Court effectively denies 10 year old rape victim an abortion

    Because the GOP gets in their way of course.
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    Who do you support Putin and Russia or Ukraine?

    It is a simple question, who do you support and who do you think our country should support and I do not mean boots on the ground?
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    Doctors in red states put in impossible position to care properly for their pregnant patients

    Isn't there? There are states that are questioning the removal of the egg when a woman has an ectopic pregnancy.
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    Doctors in red states put in impossible position to care properly for their pregnant patients

    https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2022/7/1/2107875/-A-10-year-old-rape-victim-in-Ohio-was-just-denied-abortion?utm_campaign=recent So you think a state should be able to deny someone an abortion, even when the chances of the mother dying are extremely high. In the article above a ten year old...
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    Doctors in red states put in impossible position to care properly for their pregnant patients

    Those girls under 15 are 5 times more likely to die due to pregnancy than those over 20. You have to wonder what the percentage is for those 12 and under. Although many as young as 10 can actually get pregnant, it might be a death sentence for both mother and child.
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    Most people are not understanding the issue with the Supreme Court. This article explains it.

    The problem is the colluding on prices between the last few big corporations. The lack of true competition in the market place, which makes our economic system good for both the companies and the people who buy their products, is missing. So you get price gauging and the over the top profits we...
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